Monday, June 16, 2008


UPDATE _ Possible spoilers to Cloverfield in the comments!

Father's Day was a blur here. The boys are really too young to "get" it yet and The Girl is in Florida. We let Daddy sleep in and then he had presents and then a nap and then playtime and then I made him Country Fried Steak for dinner. That was about it. The Wingmen Of Mayhem were out for blood yesterday so it was hectic. But fun, I think.

We watched some movies this weekend and I feel the need to share my impressions.

First, I watched 28 Weeks Later. Eh. If you liked 28 Days Later then you will probably like this one. But, it was a little darker. Depressing at the end, to me. The funky camera angels were still there that made me a little off balance. I am glad I did not go to a theater to see this!

Next, we watched Cloverfield. Double eh. The concept was great. The actual movie.... totally glad I waited for DVD. The way the camera work was done did heighten the tension and your ability to empathize with the people but.... I was let down and very dissatisfied with the ending. Worth seeing for the uniqueness but.... eh.

We then rewatched Alien vs Predator and watched the second AVP, Requiem. I liked the original AVP, not the second so much. I actually fell asleep watching the second one. Of course, it WAS really late... but.... it was Alien vs Predator, folks! Action, gore, gunfire, screaming... and I fell asleep. sigh....

Anyway, I am in search of some great new movies that I may not have seen or been aware of. If you have watched any lately that just did it for you, let me know!


Claudia said...

See, I loved Cloverfield.

Now, have you see The Secretary...Swordfish...or Man on fire...all GREAT movies!

Faerie Mom said...

Oh, I enjoyed Cloverfield... I even liked it. But it was... disappointing in the end. I keep wanting to know what happened afterwards... yaknow? ANd I would have been disappointed to pay to see it in a theater. Swordfish - yes, No to the others, i will find them! Thanks

Pioneering in PA said...

If I had read a post mentioning Cloverfield before last night, I would have totally not watched the movie. Ever.

A friend brought it down though, and after about 15 minutes of trying to relax your eyes from the poor documentary style filming, it turned out to be okay.

Although, I kept screaming at the T.V. about how stupid Hud had to have been for NEVER putting that camera down!! Me? I woulda dumped it and R.A.N.

Like a madwoman.

Good movie, horrible ending. Like, so now what? And did you watch the special features? It tells you that there was only ONE of those creatures, it was 390 feet tall.. and it was..

A BABY. Yeah. A Baby. So.. like.. shouldn't they have said where the momma was? Hmm..

Maybe a sequel is in the wings.

I hope not.

Good movies?

Deja Vu. Totally.

Wild Hogs, good for a laugh.

National Treasure, Book of Secrets.

I Am Legend. Although, I have no desire to watch it again. *icks*

Some of my faves? Hudson Hawk, What Dreams May Come, Tuck Everlasting, Labyrinth, Dumb & Dumber, The Postman. Oh, and Howard the Duck. But Netflix doesn't have it. Wahhhhh!!!

Have fun movie watching!

Tenakim said...

don't know what kind of taste you have, but these are a few of the watchable ones I've seen lately: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (beautiful, lovely story, not for the sleep deprived- it's in French and subtitled, but true story so if you can make it through, it's pretty fascinating)

Gone Baby Gone
Before the Devil knows You're Dead
Little Children (not that new, but a lot of people didn't see it- one of my all time favs)

Lynn said...

We just watched The Other Boleyn Girl. I love period pieces and this one was interesting. Immediately afterward I had to do an Internet search to learn more about Mary Boleyn! hehe.

We'll probably watch Juno tonight. I've heard it's good so looking forward to that.

I was tempted to get the AVP movie since surprisingly I enjoyed the first one.

Faerie Mom said...

Annie - Right? I was sooo disappointed at the end. I hope they DO do another one but like a regular movie with different viewpoints and more info. The idea of the Godzilla-esque monster in NY and it being a baby... fabulous. I want more.

And, I screamed at Hud throughout the movie as well! He was funny though.

Did you notice... in the very end when Rob and Beth are in the Ferris Wheel... there is something falling out of the sky and into the ocean. Steven pointed that out.

I like the idea of one viewpoint movies... and it kept me on the edge of my seat and feeling off balance.... but.... left me wanting.

Faerie Mom said...

Tena - Haven't watched any of those... I will have to see if Netflix has them! Thanks!

Faerie Mom said...

Lynn - Thanks for stopping by! And ooh ooh I wanted to see that and forgot about it! I love period movies. And this one looked sooooo good. Thanks for reminding me!

Unka Paul said...

just rented Cloverfield not sure I'll like it after I've read your reviews... we'll see. I also got Black Snake Moan. will give a review later. How's Steve doin' drop ma line soon please.

Jen said...

I was talking to Mrs. Clark-Garner before school ended, when we were working on our project, and she said that the Other Boleyn Girl was awesome. I wanna see it, so definately Netflix it. Also, Click was good. REALLY good. Get it. Watch it.

Pioneering in PA said...

Yes, a second movie with a real viewpoint would be so much better. Like, what does NYC look like after the devastation of killing off that monster? And no, I didn't notice the thing falling from the sky behind the ferris wheel.

Although, on the alternate endings, the second (or third?) one DID show someone in front of the camera after it was buried in debris, if you looked close.

Neat, but it left me so wanting a ton of answers.

I'm dying to watch the new Indiana Jones movie, along with Wall-E. I'm thinking that a trip to the local drive-in is in order, if they are playing either of those. T-Bone just went to night shift yesterday, and works 3 day rotations, so mid-week movies are possible. YAY!!

Jen said...

OOh, yeah, Indy was awesome!! Wall-E looks good, too. And, Mama, don't forget that Cat and I are DYING to see Twilight, when it comes out.

Jen said...
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Jessica said...

Okay, so maybe our movie tastes are completely different but we watched The Water Horse on Thursday and it was a pretty neat show. Sorry no action or gore but cute. I'm a bit of a chicken and stay away from horror and gore.

Anonymous said...

The last movie I watched was Juno - and I loved it. That is pretty much a given, though, so I don't think I have anything original to add to this.

I went with friends to see Sex and The City last night. I liked it fine, but there were some moments that broke the spell and left me thinking "what?". I hate it when a movie does that. Plus, the fashion was a little too in-your-face. It was always there with with the series, but the movie had scenes that were *just* about fashion. I found that boring and annoying.