Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It's been a rough week or so here at the castle.

Right now I am fighting off flu like symptoms that are rapidly moving into my chest to become bronchitis. Again. Actually, I have not had bronchitis in several years, so I guess it is not that bad. As a smoker, I am over due.

Steven had to go to the emergency room last week. He had kidney stones again. We tried to just let him ride it out and wait for them to pass, but the pain was so extreme that he was vomiting every time he tried to drink anything. Kinda hard to pee if you are not drinking anything. So, we went to the ER. Jenna stayed with the boys and watched them. She can be such a big help when she wants to be.

So, after numerous xrays and a CT scan, yes, he has kidney stones. The worst part is that one of them is 6 mm and that is huge as far as stones go. He CAN pass it, barely, but it is blocking his kidney right now because of where it is. If he does not pass it this week, he will start having kidney damage. We went to the urologist Friday morning and they did xrays again. They wanted to take him to do a procedure right then (a sonic thingy) but it costs $15,000 to do and we have no insurance. So, he is at home with pain killers. He has missed about 4 days of work so far. He is supposed to try to go back today.

He goes back to the urologist on Friday. If he has not passed the stone, they want to do a stint (?) (I think I spelled that right) so that his kidney can drain so he does not get kidney damage. We will have to pay the last office visit fees ($200), the fees for this next visit ($100) and then the fees for the surgery to install the stint (around $250). They are actually going to do the stint for free, all we will have to pay is the anesthesiologist and any materials.

This sucks.

He is drinking lots of water to try to pass the stone before friday.

On another note, Malachai (the 21 month old) has learned to climb out of his crib. I am going crazy. Now I have to get the toddler bed ready and try to get him to sleep in that so he does not kill himslef climbing out of the crib.

Pray for me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Food Democracy Now

If you are at all interested in sustainable agriculture and keeping our earth healthy, you need to check out Food Democracy Now. I wrote an article about it but here are some basics:

Excerpt from Seeking Sustainable Agriculture in Obama's America

"Food Democracy Now states that their mission is to advance "the dialogue on food, family farm, environmental and sustainability issues at the legislative and policy level." Many chefs, farmers and foodies have already joined their voices with the group. Many professional chefs and farmers see the issues surrounding the environment and the lack of a sustainable agriculture policy as a sign that a change is needed. With rising obesity and health issues in America, the importance of healthy and organic foods is higher than ever. The need for more farmers and a sustainable energy and food policy is as urgent as the financial crisis for some."

Basically, the group has a petition and are seeking at least 100,000 signatures before the new Secretary of Agriculture is confirmed in office. They have 70,000 so far. Check out the article or go directly to the website for Food Democracy Now to see what it is all about. And then sign the petition!

Goals and updates

Miss Jenna got her report card this past week and I am very proud of her! While she got As and 2 Bs for the nine weeks grades, her semester grades (the ones that really count) are all straight As! You go girl! That was for classes like French, Advance Geometry and Advanced English! This semester she is really going to have to work hard as she has a piano class and biology.... geometry is done for the year and so is her history class.... But, I know she can do it!

Braeden is adding words like mad. He is talking all the time, I just don't always understand what he is saying. But, it is obvious that it IS a word, just a little garbled. And many words are clear as a bell! This is really amazing progress for him. I think that he is close to where he needs to be as far as adding words. He still will need speech for some time to help with pronunciation. And he needs to work on using words in sentences and not just as single words.... but the difference between now and even 6 months ago is just crazy. It makes me want to bawl like a baby.

Malachai is almost two. 'Nuff said.....

I am trying to work on my writing skills and build up my ability to write timely and subject specific articles. I seem to have a problem with writing things that are either too general or on subjects that are over saturated on line. My goals for the next month or so are to learn to write more focused and timely articles...... any ideas for subjects you would like to see articles written about?

I still love my hair. And I am about to start working out at a gym. Maybe I can start to love my body more soon. One of my personal goals for this year is to get in shape. Mentally and physically. I am soooooooo tired of worrying about my blood pressure and having stomach problems. The weight loss would help with both of those. Quitting smoking would help with everything as well. I think that, mentally, I am almost at the point where I will be able to successfully quit. I hope.

ANother goal for this year for me is to write more here on the blog. I was doing so well for a while..... now I seem to never find the time to write here or to read others blog posts. I feel out of touch with everyone! I need to start writing poetry again and this is a good forum for that. So, look forward to angst ridden poetry and blog posts about potty training soon! I know! It's exciting! Try to contain yourselves.....

Mwuah! Thats for anyone who is actually reading this!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The New 'Do

So, I did it. After much discussion and debate and chit chat with the hairdresser and numerous online makeover programs and my husband crying "PLEASE! Not too short!", I finally decided on a cut and color that I liked. I LOVE the flippy little cut with it's long layers. It frames my face a little and takes a lot of the weight of the hair away. The base color is a dark mahogony kind of brown. Closer to my natural color than the black so when it starts to grow out it won't be so shocking. I can go longer between visits to the hairdresser that way! Maybe. I say maybe because of the highlights. Not blue. The blue would not go well with the base color. SO.... the second picture is a close up of the top of my head. Tell me..... what do you think? I think it is pretty damn cute! And it is still longer in the back. They only took off about two inches of length in the back. So, Steven is not too hurt. LOL He said it was "not too ugly" and laughed. Then I asked him to be serious and he said it was alright. Geez! A compliment would be nice, occasionally, ya know??

So, there you go. I am busy busy busy writing articles and taking care of kids. And, I just found out I will be having family come to visit in March and in April.... time for Spring Cleaning!!!!!!

Oh, yeah, don't forget to check out the links to my latest articles on the side bar. Some of them are pretty good, if I do say so myself! LOL

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some funny things to make you laugh. Happy New Year!!!!!

Almost peed my pants at this video...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! Samuel L Jackson insisted that since Mace Windu was so cool he had to have a purple lightsaber. So he got one. Click to make it bigger and read.

Here is another great picture that makes me giggle....

Hope your New Year has been wonderful so far.... I promise to post more soon!