Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stress, Worry, Anxiety

I took The Baby in for his 15 month checkup today. It went well. He is too too funny! He has an ear way issue and when we have to go to the doctors he generally has to have the wax dug out of his ears. Or flushed out. So, today, when he saw the doctor come in the room he grabbed ahold of both of his ears and cried. Sad but funny! The doctor thought so too.

He is growing fine and his development is right where it should be. No problems.

But, since I was there, I decided to talk to doc about The Boys sleep issues and his aggression/ violence. The Boy has an appointment in mid-July in Jackson at the Child Development Clinic for some testing. The doctor wants me to discuss his sleep issues and possible supplements or medications with them at that appointment as he is not comfortable/ does not have as much experience with these issues. So. More waiting. As far as the violence.... he has referred us to a Family Counselor. The Boys first appointment is July 15. They are supposed to, basically, discuss with us different options for discipline and how to help The Boy channel his aggression and anger, etc. blah blah... I have no idea. Wait and see.....

So. Two major appointments coming up in July. Both having to do with psychological issues. sigh..... more stress and worry for me. I hate having my boy have issues and problems. And then, too, I worry that I am overreacting. Maybe this is just normal two - three year old behavior and I am just not used to it anymore. I don't think so. But it could be. Anyway.... I will keep all updated as I find anything out.

Update on the pay issue..... Steven says that his boss says that he did not work so he is not getting paid.

Yes. I am angry. Steven said he just had to leave before he did something he might regret. We had a talk. Ha. I talked. I told Steven that if he is not going to quit then he needed to request that he be put back on hourly wages. He has been basically giving this man $150 a week for the past year. Because of all of the extra hours he has worked. And if the man is going to screw him then he needs to go back to hourly. He will either work 40 hours and have a fixed schedule (opening up the possibility of a 2nd job or of me working on off days) OR he will get overtime and be better off money wise.

All I know is that he had better keep me away from his boss. I do NOT need to see him right now.

On top of the loss of $350 of pay, we also found out that our Water bill for this past month is about triple what it normally is. Because we had a toilet that was running constantly. We told the landlord about this on May 29th. He did not fix it until June 17th. They read our meter on the 20th (I think). So, the damn thing was running for, basically, 20 days after we told him about it. I am going to have to talk to him. I cannot afford to be paying a $200 water bill. AND, our stupid electric bill is crazy right now with the heat and having to run the AC.

Sorry. Stressing out.

I HATE being this stressed about money and bills. It affects my ability to enjoy my children. And it affects my ability to enjoy just about anything!


Send positive thoughts my way. I need them!


Lesley said...

So sorry you're stressing right now!

My husband was supposed to have his annual review 3 months ago and they still haven't, so his potential raise is accumulating to money that he won't get b/c they don't believe in retro-pay. But when he pushes for the review they don't have frustrating!

Have you posted your Cowboy Beans recipe before? We're going to a Stampede BBQ next weekend and that's what I signed up to bring. I remember reading on The Delusional that they're a fave at your house. Would you mind sharing your recipe please?


Nana The Nana said...

I know he likes doing the kind of cooking that he gets to do there, but I think he needs to start looking for something else. Going to hourly pay might work, but it would be just like him, the boss, to cut his hours just to get even with him. He needs to think about not having him there to use and abuse.

You for sure need to talk to your landlord about the water bill. Not sure what you can do about the light bill, when you guys were little we had no air conditioning to worry about. There were plenty of times we had no electricity to worry about. I had a fan and I stayed outside in the garden. My laundry was done outside too. And, we had an outside shower, no hot water. So, I guess you have to make a choice, to have or not to have. I love you and hope you get things worked out. You are right, stay away from the boss, I know you..

Nana The Nana said...

Honey, don't borrow trouble. Whatever happens, you can't really do anything about it right now. Maybe he is just a difficult child and will get over all this stuff as he grows older. If not, at least you are being watchful and trying to keep an eye on things.

Anonymous said...

Your landlord should have to eat the $200... take it off of rent or something, since he didn't get your leaky toilet fixed for that long. That's crazy.
I am glad to hear that Steven finally said something. I can't believe his boss is such a douche!
Sorry that you guys are having it rough.
I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better.

Jessica said...

Morgan went through a phase when she was about the babies age where every time she went to the doctor she had to have wax dug out. The last time she jumped and he cut her hear. We changed doctors after that. She hated him.

Don't question you motherly instincts. If you think the boy has a problem then you should have it checked out. It never hurts to be safe. Hopefully it all will be an easy fix.

My nephew suffered from severe ear infections when he was a baby and developed sleep problems. They visited this health food store in Tulsa I think were the woman kind of diagnoses and suggests products. She told them to try giving him a small amount of organic black cherry or red cherry juice. The red cherry is best but I think more expensive. She said it worked and still gives it to him after almost a year. It seems to have the effect of natural melatonin.

Morgan started having bad dreams shortly after Brock was born so I started it with her. I think the actual benefit and the reassurance that it would help was what got her through it.