Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Did you miss me?

I have some awards to acknowledge soon, some posts about fairly interesting things to get around to writing and some stressful posts to get out of my system.... but none of that has happened recently. Obviously.

So, here is just a little something to tide us all over.

100 Things About the Fae Lady

  1. My favorite colors are dark blue and black.
  2. I love silver jewelry and really don't care for gold at all. It makes me look sallow.
  3. I love bells on my jewelry. I would love to learn to belly dance and wear those girdle/ belts of bells all over the place. I used to wear an anklet of bells all the time when I was younger. It irritated many people.
  4. I have always wanted to learn to fight in the SCA. I have never ended up getting involved but want to one day. My local group has not been as welcoming as I would have liked. Maybe when we move again and the kids are older....
  5. I love dressing in both flowing, feminine clothes and black leather/ slutty clothes. Unfortunately, my body does not look as good in any of my old outfits as it should! Now I mostly wear jeans, tshirts and mommy clothes.
  6. I have my ears pierced 5 times each and my nose pierced. I have always wanted to get my eyebrow, my bellybutton and my nipples done. Maybe one day.
  7. I have one tattoo. It is a wolf howling at the moon. I have about three others planned and may be able to afford them one day!
  8. I really want blue hair. Black with blue tips maybe. But have never really gotten around to getting it done. I can't afford professional dye jobs so.....
  9. I hate cheesecake. And peach pie. My daughter and my MIL think this makes me a communist.
  10. I do not eat eggs.
  11. I don't eat mayo or fish either.
  12. But I love lobster. Because it is awesome.
  13. I once worked as a pizza delivery girl. I was pregnant with Jenna at the time. I got really great tips.
  14. My husband's nickname at one time was wolf. Which I found amusing when I met him since I have a wolf tattoo.
  15. I have written poetry since I was about nine years old.
  16. I still have no idea what I really want to do with my life. Write? Who knows. I don't want to grow up.
  17. I have a bit of a black thumb but try to grow vegetables every year. I figure it will work eventually. It's all about perseverance.
  18. I really don't like the icing on most cakes. I like the whipped cream icing, not the really sweet kind.
  19. I used to be incapable of cooking grilled cheese sandwiches. I either burned them or they got soggy. I finally discovered that spraying the bread with Pam instead of spreading it with butter makes for the perfect grilled cheese.
  20. I lost the cord to my camera so I can't upload any pictures to my computer. That sucks.
  21. I'm a pagan who was raised catholic.
  22. My favorite food is probably pizza. Or bacon.
  23. My favorite dessert is ummm...... anything chocolate? Or with whipped cream. Or pastry. I like sweets.
  24. My stomach shows that I like sweets.
  25. When I was about 24 I had to have surgery to remove a tumor near my ovary. They ended up having to do exploratory surgery and remove the ovary. I went into the surgery having no idea if I would wake up having had a hysterectomy or if I would ever be able to have more children. It was very scary.
  26. I fell asleep behind the wheel in 1998. I flipped my car, was ejected, landed in the top of a tree and then hit the ground. I woke up with my car upside down about a foot away from me. My had malfunctioned and allowed me to be ejected. The state trooper who came told me that this was one of the tiny percent of accidents where if the seat belt had not broken, I would have been killed in the car. The only injuries I had were a piece of glass in my calf and a broken breast bone. It took me years to be able to wear my seat belt again without feeling trapped.
  27. I am 5'5" tall. Unless I shrunk recently. Which could happen.
  28. When I got pregnant with Jenna at 19, I weighed 125 pounds and thought I was fat. I look back at pictures now and am amazed!
  29. I now weigh 225 pounds. That makes me sad. I have gained 100 pounds in the past 16 years.
  30. I have high blood pressure and am worried that I will end up with Type 2 Diabetes if I don't lose weight.
  31. My favorite flower is the Calla Lily.
  32. I have worn glasses since the 7th grade and got contacts when I was about 27 I think. I love them! But my husband thinks glasses are hot so I end up wearing them quite a bit. LOL
  33. I hate eating tomatoes but love tomato sauces.
  34. I love cheese. All kinds of cheese. Cheese fondue is like golden orgasms in food form.
  35. I love Carmex. I use it constantly to keep my lips smooth, unchapped and cold sore free.
  36. I have never flown in a plane.
  37. The only states I have ever been to are Florida, Georgie, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Maine and Washington DC.
  38. I am still waiting to go on my honeymoon.
  39. I really really want to go on a Cruise.
  40. If I could do anything, I would travel all over the world and be able to explore wherever I want to for as long as I want. I want to see everything.
  41. I love camping and hiking but rarely get a chance to indulge myself.
  42. I love outside sex.
  43. I love the beach. That is one of the things that I miss the most about not living in Florida.
  44. The scariest movie I have ever seen is probably Poltergeist. It really disturbed me when I saw it. I can watch it now with no problems but it scared me to death when I was younger.
  45. I have a hard time making real friends. I am a very quiet person until you get to know me.
  46. I am terrified of spiders unless there is no one else to kill them and they are around my kids. Then I can smush them like there is no tomorrow.
  47. I hate my teeth. They are in horrible condition and just got worse after each child.
  48. I think I am pretty sexy, even though I am overweight. It's all about the attitude.
  49. I love music but hate listening to the radio. Most of the new music that they play on our local stations is crap.
  50. I love going to hear live music. Almost any kind works for me!
  51. I love cats but am not a big dog fan at all.
  52. I never thought I would get married and be a SAHM. Very weird to me! LOL
  53. I love my laptop. I never thought I would like using one but I do!
  54. I like snacking on rice cakes. Weird but true.
  55. My favorite nonalcoholic drink is Coke. But I am trying to quit drinking soda altogether. Water is my new Coke.
  56. My favorite alcoholic drink is Jack and Coke but I also love Harp, margaritas on the rocks and Jameson's whiskey, neat.
  57. Irish car bombs (drink) knock me on my ass.
  58. I used to drink very heavily. Now I drink maybe once every few weeks.
  59. I used to also drink lots and lots of coffee. Now I rarely drink it at all. It makes me stomach hurt.
  60. My favorite season is Fall. I love the weather, the colors and the feeling of the air.
  61. I am a Virgo.
  62. I have slight OCD tendencies.
  63. I worked in a donut shop for more than a decade. I used to work the overnight shift from 10 pm to 6 am. I loved it. I was a donut finisher (decorator) and was also training to be a baker.
  64. I have a BS in Business and am almost finished with my Master's. One day i will go back to school.
  65. I also have a degree in Legal Assisting but have never used it.
  66. I think I would make a pretty good lawyer but never had the desire to actually go to school for that long.
  67. I didn't learn to swim until I was about 9 years old. In a lake in Maine!
  68. I am scared that I will go blind one day.
  69. I have a really hard time believing that my daughter is going to be a senior in high school next year. The whole college thing is freaking me out.
  70. I tend to be lazy when given any choice in the matter. Since having the boys, I have not had much choice! LOL
  71. I live across the street from a giant Baptist church and in between two cemeteries. It's kind of weird. If the zombie apocalypse happens we will be screwed.
  72. I love all books and movies about the supernatural.
  73. I once saw a ghost in my friend's bedroom in the middle of the night. It was both scary and awesome at the same time.
  74. I think that I have psychic abilities that are undeveloped. I have dreams that come true quite often and I think that I feel what other people are feeling more strongly than most people do.
  75. I am fascinated with tarot cards and other forms of divination.
  76. I am fairly introverted and private about my true beliefs and emotions.
  77. I am considered a bitch by many. I do not think that it is an insult.
  78. I find both men and women to be equally attractive.
  79. I think my husband is incredibly talented and fabulous. Not only can he cook like a pro, he plays guitar like a pro too.
  80. I really want to be able to play an instrument but seem to be a musical idiot.
  81. I found a $100 bill at Red Lobster a month ago. I turned it in to the manager. I sure hope it got back to the person that owned it! I secretly wish I had kept it.
  82. I like to read fluffy romance books when my brain is fried.
  83. I read constantly. I always take a book with me wherever I go. I mostly read scifi/ fantasy and paranormal books.
  84. I love playing board games and will play to win. I don't care who I am playing against.
  85. I love shoes but only have two pairs that I wear right now. I want thigh high black leather boots with buckles all over them. Yes. Yes, I do.
  86. I will only dance at gay clubs. I think I dance like an idiot and have to be pretty drunk to get out on the floor.
  87. My daughter and I tweet and/ or message each other on facebook when we are in the same house. Sad.
  88. I cannot carry out practical jokes because I cannot keep a straight face. So I give my daughter ideas.
  89. I used to think I would be a teacher. Then I realized that I generally don't like other people's children that much. At least not for long periods of time. I lack patience.
  90. I have a very bad temper. Sometimes it gets the better of me.
  91. I hate the word "moist". It never used to bother me before I watched the show Dead Like Me. Now it creeps me out.
  92. I think Taylor Lautner is HAWT. So is Jensen Ackles. Dibs.
  93. I think that Salma Hayek is hot. So is Milla Jovavich. And Audrey Hollander.
  94. My favorite Disney Villain is Maleficent. But I also love the Red Queen.
  95. I hate Gatorade type drinks.
  96. I call my daughter "Dib" sometimes. It pisses her off. hehe (Dib is a character from Invader Zim that has a really big head)
  97. I want a yellow house. See Millennium for understanding. (Frank Black. FBI)
  98. My son loves to watch me play Plants vs Zombies. He sits next to me and asks me to "play zombie". LMAO I am raising him right.
  99. Petyoooooooooooooooooooooooooniahhhhhhhhh. hehe My husband is odd.
  100. This was really hard. You better appreciate it. he.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Madness

I have been SO disorganized for the past few months. I am determined to get back my mojo! So, to start off this week with a bang, here is my menu plan.

Sunday - Sweet and Smokey beef brisket with mashed potatoes, corn and Outback Steakhouse breadmachine bread

Monday - Pork Chops either grilled or pan fried with Sweet Potato Risotto (made without sausage) and peas

Tuesday - Mac and Cheese with hamburger

Wednesday - Leftovers (Brisket sandwiches? Yum)

Thursday - Chicken Broccoli Couscous

Friday - Jenna's Night (she will be cooking every Friday night for a while) Chicken and Beef Fajitas

Saturday - Vegetable soup of some kind with grilled cheese sammies

Sunday - Malachai turns 3! Dinner out at Pizza buffet.

Since it is Spring Break here, all three kiddos will be home for breakfast and lunch each day. I know that Jenna and I will eat leftovers for lunches or maybe Tuna Pea Wiggle or something similar. The boys usually eat PBJ or chicken nuggets and fries or even pancakes! Breakfasts are iffy. I made waffles today and have some left for the boys breakfast or snacks and I will make a huge batch of pancakes one day soon. They love the little silver dollar ones. I may need to pick up more yogurt and other breakfast foods for Jenna.

I am planning to try to have a baking day one day this week since Jenna is home to help with the boys. It would be great to have muffins in the freezer again! And pizza blanks, cookies and maybe some whoopie pies for snacks. I am also thinking of making some rolls and biscuits to freeze for later baking.

Wish me luck! And head on over to I'm An Organizing Junkie for more menu plans!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Zombies - They Ate My Brain

Rough week..... I give you:

Bullet post of holding! (Like a bag of holding but, ya know, not)

  • Braeden has been getting up at night to go potty. We are very happy and sooooo proud. But, he feels the need to make sure we know WHEN he is going. He will come into our bedroom, shake one of us awake and then tell us "I go pee pee!" And he does that every time he gets up to use the bathroom. So much fun. Steven thinks he is hoarding his pee for night just so he can wake him up!
  • One of the stray cats that adopted us is having kittens. She has had two so far. I am less than amused. I was looking for a home for her when she got preggers. Now I have even more cats to find homes for! At least they are cute.
  • The other female cat that adopted us is preggers too.
  • The fans quit working in my van so I am constantly in danger of overheating (the van, not me) and must have them fixed. Dual fans. Both broken. $$$ My mechanic, Dr. Bob, is checking the junkyard for a set this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed. $30 is a lot better than $250 for parts.
  • Spring Break is officially here! All 3 kids are home for the next week. I am both looking forward to it and dreading it.
  • Steven's boss is an asshat. Steven almost went and got another job and then calmed down. I wish he would get another job, the guy is a real jerk.
  • I am addicted to the game Plants vs Zombies. So is Jenna.
  • I am scared of Jillian Michaels. Her 30 Day Shred shredded my ass about 10 minutes into it. I need to get in shape in order to get in shape. Sad.
  • Braeden went for an observation visit at the USM School of Psychology and has another appointment there in a week and a half. He has a big eval/ testing date at the psychologist's office on April 6th.
  • Malachai thinks he is in charge. He is turning 3 on the 21st. I need to disabuse him of that notion soon.
  • My printer broke. My house phone is on the fritz. Everything waits until we are broke to break.
  • I need a date night and I think I may insist on it this week.
  • Steven has a "date" on Tuesday night with a lesbian. LMAO His friend Shana that he works with is leaving and he is going out drinking with her. All of their coworkers think they have a "thing" even though she has a girlfriend. I just giggle. Shana is a sweetheart. I may end up going out with them.
  • I am stressed. I am tired. I need a massage and a hot bath. I need a hug. I need a drink.
  • I'm going to get a few of those tonight.......

Back again soon. Promise.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Softer Side of the WOM

For anyone confused by the term WOM, it stands for Wingmen of Mayhem and is the nickname that I gave my sons some time ago. Very appropriate on most days! However, they have their softer sides. Today, they both spent a good amount of time picking flowers, leaves, blades of grass and little sticks and bringing them to me. Because they love me! How sweet..... and they do this almost every day that they play outside and can find flowers. In the winter, they bring me colored leaves and rocks.

Here is the cute little vase of flowers that came of their offerings (Thanks to Jenna for arranging them!).

So, in the middle of stress, anxiety and chaos..... the Wingmen prevail with offerings of love and beauty. And my day is just a little bit brighter as a result.

Thank you for all of the awesome and supportive comments lately. Your kind thoughts and warm wishes are the flowers that I needed......