Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Melancholy Menu Planning

This week's menu is a little off. I get my money to go grocery shopping on Thursday and I am low on ideas for the food that is left in my home. So, my plan for this week is only through Thursday. And I am working on my monthly plan and shopping list. It's not going well. I found out this morning that my father has been in the hospital for the past 3 days. We have no details but we do know that he is going home today. My father is currently waiting and preparing for a liver transplant. Hopefully in November. What happened now and how it will effect his chances at a transplant are unknown. I am waiting for more details and hoping that all works out for the best. Honestly, I am not sure what the best is or will be at this point. And I am honestly not sure how I am feeling right now. Sad, confused, angry that we only found out now that he is in the hospital, panicked because I have no idea what is going on, stressed that there is no way that I can go see him.... all of it at once.

So, for now, this is my menu plan. And I hope I can concentrate enought o get my plans and shopping list in place before Thursday....

Monday - We had Ravioli Casserole. BUT, I forgot to cook the ravioli before I put the casserole together. And it turned out even better than usual! Yummy.

Tuesday - Beef and Chicken Enchiladas

Wednesday - Hot dogs and fries

Thursday - leftovers

Head over to Organizing Junkie for some better and more comprehensive menu plans!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here is hoping for gentle breezes....

Today, Jenna and I spent some time researching which universities in the southern states had good journalism and mass communications colleges. We have narrowed down her choices to about 9 with 7 of these being Mother preferred. LOL Now, she is planning to write to each college and ask for more information regarding their programs and admissions information. Once she has info from all 9 she can start deciding which ones she is really interested in applying to.

When did she get so big? It seems like just yesterday I was potty training her and she was scared of alligators in the toilet.

Now, In about a year and a half she will leave me. She will go off into the gigantic, scary world all on her own to do things I have never done. Have experiences I have never had and meet people as herself. Not as my daughter.

It's a scary time for me, y'all.

When Jenna started getting older, I started to do more backing out of her business. She has learned to make most decisions on her own, with input from me but as a result of her own choices. She has fought her own battles, made her own mistakes and has matured at an unbelievable rate over the past few years. I am as proud of her as it is possible to be.

But, she is very young for her age in some ways. There is a sweetness and a naivete about her that is just waiting to be shattered. I want to wrap her in bubble wrap, cocoon her in cotton and keep her away from the asshats of the world. I want her to stay sweet and innocent. I want her to not have to cry into her pillow at night because some jerk treated her badly. I don't want her to have to feel the unfairness of the world when she gets passed over for promotion or does not get a job she wanted.

But, she is growing out and away from me. She is her own person. Her strengths, her weaknesses and her joys and sorrows will be her own from here on out. I can listen. I can hug. I can cry with her and do the happy dance by her side.... but I cannot live her life. And I cannot protect her.

The best I can do is to try to make sure that she is prepared.

So, she is learning to cook. To clean. To drive. To balance a check book. To shop frugally and use coupons. She will be learning to change a light bulb, a tire and her mind. She will learn everything that I can teach her over the next year and a half. And then I will cut the strings and watch her soar. And I will keep my fingers crossed that the breezes she is flying on are gentle and sweet.

What are some of the things you wish YOUR parents had taught you before you left home? What are the silliest things you had to learn all on your own?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Company Girl Coffee 9/11/09

Welcome to any of the Company Girls who are popping in this week! If you have no idea what I am talking about, head on over to Home Sanctuary and check out the fabulous posts that Rachel Anne shares with the world.

This has been a truly emotion filled week. With Braeden starting school, I have been edgy. Worrying about how he is doing each day and missing him more than I expected! Then, he chose this morning to decide to cling to me and cry and want to "go home!" Wow. I was not ready for it.... I was ready on Tuesday and on Wednesday, but by today I was thinking he would be fine. So, I spent my morning in my van outside the school bawling!

We had friends come to visit us from out of state this week as well. That was fun but bittersweet as well. We miss them! Add to that all of the lack of sleep, too much alcohol consumption and three extra kids in my house screaming and running around all day and night.... yeah.

And then today is, of course, the anniversary of the attacks on America. I deliberatley avoided the news and any memorial viewing. I knew I would lose it. And this evening, when I finally started viewing peoples' blog posts, memorial posts and videos.... I lost it. I was bawling again. I cannot even express how my heart hurts this evening.

It's been a long, tiring, emotional week.

I hope next week is a little more even keeled and boring for me.

I could use a break.

But, I will always take some time in my day each year to remember those who died, those who lost family or friends and those who had their lives changed irrevocably on September 11th, 2001. My thoughts are with our country today. All of us.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Day IS It Anyway?

Wow. What a weekend. LOL

Jenna is trying to plan her Senior Project. Here, in her HS, the seniors must do a major research project with papers, presentations and a physical product. This must be something that is new to them that they learn about, they must have a mentor (NOT a relative) and must have their thesis planned and approved by the board before the end of their Junior year. It is a major part of their senior year. And, they cannot graduate without it being approved and passed by the board. Wild. So, some of the previous projects have included wood working where the student made things like a doghouse, a gun rack or a dollhouse. There have been community projects and concerts, people have learned to sew or crochet, to cook or to do any number of things.

Jenna wants to learn to sew and make a 14th century french outfit. This would include study of the materials used, the reasons behind color choices and fabric choices, trade information and maybe even other things. I have no idea yet!

She really just wants to get involved with the local SCA group and thinks this is a great way to do that and make sure that I follow through! LOL

For those who do not know, the SCA is a group of people who recreate medieval life. They make clothing, fight and do any number of things true to this time period. They are great people and it is truly interesting! I have always wanted to be involved but was waiting to have the time and energy. Since that may never happen, I contacted the local group this weekend! We should be attending our first newcomers meeting on the 22nd. I can't wait and neither can Jenna.

Braeden started school today. I was a nervous wreck. He was so excited! I don't even think he noticed me leaving. I will let y'all know tomorrow how he did.

I have friends coming into town tomorrow morning. They will be staying with us for a few days. I actually did not know they were coming that early, I thought they would be getting here tomorrow night! I have had to revamp my menu plans to try to accomodate5 more people.... with no money to buy any extra food!! AND, I so did not follow my menu plan last week. I was bad....

So, with no further ado....

Monday - I made a huge pot roast with lots of veggies and gravy! Yum...

Tuesday - Leftover pot roast and gravy with egg noodles. Veggies on side.

Wednesday - Taco Pie

Thursday - Coconut chicken, rice patties, I may make sweet potato wedges as well.

Friday - Leftovers.

Saturday - Pasta bake. I may make spinach and mushroom manicotti. Or it may end up being just baked ziti or something.

Sunday - Either homemade pizza or..... breakfast for dinner maybe.

Breakfasts - Cold cereal, oatmeal, grits, waffles or pancakes.

Lunches - PB & J, grilled cheese, leftovers, hotdogs or veggie burgers.

I am definitely a little undecided about this weeks' menu. I may end up changing it altogether!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Coffee and Donuts For All!

I am joining in this week with Home Sanctuary's Company Girl coffee break. If you have never checked out Home Sanctuary than you really should!

This week has been hectic with Jenna trying to do make up work from missing school last week and going in early and leaving late (which means mom gets to drop her off and pick her up rather than her ride the bus!) and with financial difficulties and my stressing out. I really wish I had more going on in my life to blog about other than woe is me lately!

Braeden is starting Headstart on Tuesday. I am a wreck! I have wanted him to got o preschool and he really NEEDS to be there but.... this is my baby! He has not been away from me or stayed with anyone other than me (and dad and sissy) since I quit my job when he was 6 months old. I won't even know what to do with myself with only Malachai at home with me. Granted, Mal is 2.... he will keep me busy! But, I will miss my big boy. I am hoping he handles the transition well and that the teachers at the school are able to handle his speech issues and his behavioral quirks. For some reason, I am expecting to have teacher confrences and meetings and problems with his settling in. I hope I am wrong!

Steven has made some progress with helping more around the house and spending more time with the boys. It makes me happy. I hate being upset with him.... and I hate feeling like the bad guy!

I am very upset that my writing has fallen by the way side lately. I have nto written any articles for pay in months. I just cannot seem to get myself to the point that I can sit down and write, uninterrupted! And I cannot seem to focus on writing around the kids lately. I really need to work on this once B is in school. We could use the money and I am starting to feel stagnant. I need to exercise my brain muscles!

Speaking of muscles, my weight loss goals are not being met, unfortunately. With sickness and stress... I have been neglecting my exercising and eating things I should not. I found a new blog that I love called Pudget that is really giving me some encouragement and making me feel liek I can do this. I will be starting to log my exercise and my food and water consumption next week. I think I need to be more accountable to myself. It is too easy to drink soda and snack all day long when I am chasing kids! Wish me luck, I am going to need it. My goal is to get below 200 before Christmas. That's a little over 20 pounds that I need to lose. I think I can do it!

This week has been another one that just.... steals my imagination, sense of humor and positive outlook on life. I need to find these things again. I need to get back my oomph. Has anyone seen it?

Sorry I am so disjointed and scatterbrained today! Maybe next week will be a better week....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ABCs of Me

My DD over at As The Plot Thickens did this fun ABC meme today. So, I am stealing it! LOL

Available or single?: I own a man-child. He works so much I sometimes feel single but nope... married.

Best friend: Chelle, She always seems to know when I need to talk. Even though we hardly ever see each other since I moved, we still love each other and I know I could call her any time and she would listen and cry with me if I needed it! I also know she would beat someone up for me if she needed to. Cause she is tough like that.

Cake or pie?: Depends. I love blueberry pie. But I also love angel food cake and chocolate cake with cool whip topping! It's all about the mood....

Drink of choice?: Coke. Or jack and coke. Or water.

Essential item for everyday use?: Deodorant? ummm.... seriously, I think that I would go insane without internet access.

Favorite color?: Blue. I love wearing black but blue is my favorite color.

Google?: Sure. Why not. But I mostly use my swagbucks search bar. So I can earn points and get free stuff. Cause that rocks and stuff.

Hometown?: Waldo, FL. Right next door to Gainesville, FL. Home of the Florida Gators. Eh. Not my thing but you probably know where I am talking about now, right?

Indulgences?: Bubble baths with no interruptions, chocolate anything and really good red wine.

January or February?: February! DD was born Feb. 17th.

Kids and their names?: Jennifer Breanne age 15, Braeden Orion age 4 and Malachai Icarus age 2

Life is incomplete without...?: Music

Marriage date?: October 31st, 2006

Number of siblings?: I have 2 older brothers. They made me tough!

Oranges or apples?: Apples. Oranges give me acid indigestion. TMI, I know.

Phobias and fears?: ummm.... I am scared of going blind. I also really dislike spiders. I hate walking over gratings (Stephen King's IT) and I really really have a phobia about snakes in my house.

Quote for the day?: "I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being." ~Maya Angelou

Reason to smile?: My children did not make me scream too much today? My house is semi clean? DH is off of work tomorrow so I may get to take a nap?

Season?: Fall. I love the weather and the smells and the feeling in the air.

Tag three people?: Nope. Do it if you want. If you do, come back and let me know!

Unknown fact about me?: ummmmm..... I have no idea. I think y'all know a lot about me. Ask and I will answer! LOL

Vegetable you hate?: Asparagus. Ewwwww......

Worst habit?: I smoke. I hate it. I need to quit.

X-rays you've had?: I wrecked my car back in ... 1998 I think it was. I had xrays to make sure I had not hurt anything. Then, I cracked some ribs a few years later and had to get xrays to make sure they were not broken, etc.

Your fave food?: Bacon. And chocolate.

Zodiac sign?: Virgo. My hubby is a virgo too. Weird, huh?

Menu Planning To Keep Me Sane?

Menu planning saves my sanity. And cook books are a big help with menu planning! Who doesn't love cook books?? You may remember that my hubby collects them. For a chance to win a free cook book, head over to Let's Get Cooking and let her know what your favorite cook book is! Also, she has a tremendously fabulous sounding recipe for coconut cream pie up right now. Yum-o!

I hate not knowing what I am cooking for supper. Really. It makes me crazy. I wonder all day long what to cook. I fixate on it. So, here is my menu plan for this week... what's left of it. Yesterday, I planned this out. Then I spent a portion of my day throwing up. Connection? I hope not....

Wednesday - Spaghetti Pie with garlic knot rolls (I am making two, one for the freezer)

Thursday - Coconut Chicken, Special Potatoes and Green Beans

Friday - Taco Pie

Saturday - Veggie Stir Fry with Rice

Sunday - Hamburgers with Brown Rice Patties - Maybe, I think.

That's it for now. I am beside myself right now with issues regarding finance and bill paying. I am stressed out quite a bit. Hopefully, I will get a chance to post about it soon. For now, I am visiting all of you even if I am not commenting!