Friday, June 13, 2008

Comment Mania

I discovered (ha) a new blog that I am enjoying. Tena was a guest blogger over at Sarcastic Mom the other day. So, I followed her and her BEWBS over to her blog and checked it out. Very funny lady. Worth a read!

Today she wrote a post about comments that made me think. I love comments. I really do. I write for many reasons... not the least of which is because if I did not I might just go insane and drink some "red rum".... ANYway.... I really like comments. When I write something and post it, it is probably 2/3 because I need/ want to write it and 1/3 to see what everyone says about it and to let people know what is going on with me. I keep thinking i am just weird like that.

Sometimes, when I write something and no one comments I start to get that crazy little voice whispering in my ear. You know the one. Nobody reads the crap you write. That was no good at all. You are an asshat. You should just go eat worms. Oh. You don't hear that voice? Really? ummmm.... forget I mentioned it, kay?

Have you ever gone to one of those huge blogs where there are, like, 147 comments on a post that talks about nothing? And you wonder why? Or, those blogs that you LOVE to read and find so much fun but.... why would the author care what you think when they 542 comments that all say the same thing? Yeah. Me too. I always wonder how these writers feel about getting that many comments. Does it make them feel loved? Is it stressful? DO they respond to them? I very rarely get responses to comments that I leave. If it is on a blog of someone I read regularly who also reads me.... I don't care. They come and visit me on my blog! I do feel that a response is courteous when someone new comes calling though. I'm just sayin'.

As for responses, here's a question for y'all. Some people respond via email to comments (when possible). Some come to your blog and respond on one of your posts. Some respond in the comments section of their own post. Which do you prefer?

And for any lurkers out there...... drop a comment sometimes and make my day! It gets lonely here at the Castle all by myself with the WOMs... I need contact! Really!


Tenakim said...

Thanks for giving me and my bewbs props- me blushing!

I hear that voice- usually I get less comments on my "deep" posts- I think people read it, but avoid commenting on those like the plague. Those are the ones that I think need comments most- here you are openeing up your painful past or whatever and you can hear crickets!!!

I do envy your use of the word asshat- I love that word, but have never found the right context in which to use it!

I didn't know you could comment via email- me looking lost! For me, that would make more sense. I have a tendancy to read a lot at once and just want to say "hi, I enjoyed it"- I don't really want to throw my 2 cents in on every single post.

Anonymous said...

I hear a voice just like that olne... Maybe we share the same one. I love to get comments. It makes me feel all warm and snuggly! LOL I Love your blog... it makes me feel so much closer to you... since I am so far away.
Oh and about the response thingy.. I like when people respond to a comment I left. I usually respond to comments on my own comment list. It just seems easier!
Oh, and I like to read other peoples comments about their blogs... I guess I am nosey like that!
Loves ya!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I get so excited just to see 3 comments on my blog... i Like you post for me but comments are cool I do love to get others opinions and see what they think about what i do write.

Sometimes when I see a blog with HUNDREDS even THOUSANDS up to ten THOUSAND comments I become a bit bored in a way... its like being lost in a croud and to me takes the personalization from the whole experience... (the pioneer woman gets up to 10 thousand comments many days granted she does out of this world contests) I just started reading some of her posts... and for the life of me don't know how she has a life away from her computer.

Anyway I am glad to have found your blog and I enjoy reading even though I don't always comment... sometimes I am not sure what to say and other times it is all bloggers fault as it eats comments or simply refuses to allow me to post anything (like last night arrrgg)
Happy fathers day and HUGSSSSSS

Lesley said...

It's like you can read my freaking mind some days, LOL!

I LIVE for comments - okay my life wouldn't end if I received no comments but I really really really LOVE getting them and reading them.

It's funny what topics prompt people to leave a comment and what topics I think people would comment on but won't...go figure..

Claudia said...

I stopped caring. I write for me. I guess one day my blog will really be the only piece of me left, and I hope that someone will find comfort in it when I am gone.

Nana The Nana said...

You know I love to comment on things you write here. I also print it out, can't stand that what you wrote will someday be gone and lost. I love all the antics of your family. Keep on writing and I will keep on commenting! Love and hugs. Your girl is at home sick today mom..

Claudia said...

Love you baby.

Jessica said...

I know I haven't reply to any comments lately but I tend to respond with an email. I seldom go back to a post to see if the author commented back so I would say email or post on my blog.

I have gone through and go through the same things in my head as you.

I'm still here and still enjoying checking in.

Amalise said...

Hey Aunt Tracy!
I didn't know I coul d leave comments, but I come and check your blog every day. I love to see how you are, and the rest of the family. I miss you guys like crazy. And you are such an amazing writer. So, always know that I look everyday. You keep me occupied. LOL.
Well, maybe you can get back to me. Sorry I haven't written in FOREVER. Now that its summer, I wil try and write to you. Im actuall in summer school right now. 12-3:15 Monday thru t thursday until July 2nd. Its not too bad. only 11 days. lol.

Well, I love you.


Bina said...

I rarely comment to comments on my own post. I think I may be to ADHD to remember or something! LOL

If I think it calls for a response, I go to their blog and respond. Maybe I'm a loser blogger, I don't know! Now I'm feeling all weird and that same voice is starting with me, but it's never told me to eat worms!

Anyway, yea, I know exactly what you mean!