Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So. The stone was removed. It was so big and the removal was so hard that the tube (ureter?) was damaged. So, Steven has to keep the stent in for another 2-3 weeks untilt he tube has healed. Otherwise he will have large amounts of scar tissue which would cause blockages any time he has stones in the future. So, while the stone is gone, he is in pain from the procedure and is still stuck with a stent.

Long day.

More later.

Monday, February 23, 2009

To the DRs again

Steven has to have surgery again tomorrow (Tuesday). I will update with details tomorrow afternoon.

Hopefully they will get the stone this time.... keep your fingers crossed....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Monday's Muse on Saturday... poetry from the past

You know what I was thinking today?

I was thinking of that night downtown

That night we were walking and talking

And you took my lips like a thief

Stole my breath

From my lungs

Stole my heart

from my chest

I was wishing that that night

we could have lost control

I wish you had shoved me up against the cold block wall

Pressed my face against the peeling paint job

Pulled my arms above my head

Played my body

Like only you can

Played the game

With my head

Made me cum screaming

Behind a bar downtown

The frat boys could have heard me scream your name

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And once again.... update!!

Maybe I can get back to writing on here more often soon. I don't even know if most people are even bothering to check it out anymore!

Steven had surgery on Monday to place the stent. He was hilarious on the drugs! Very amusing. If I had had a video camera with me it would have been great. He is feeling somewhat better as the pressure has been relieved but now he says it feels like he is peeing battery acid. Fun. They were unable to get the stone out when they did the surgery and so he has to wait until they remove the stent in two weeks and then they will go after it again if it has not passed.

The stupid medical bills are killing us.

As far as the kids go, Jenna turned 15 yesterday. I would have loved to do a little slideshow of her but all of the pics from when she was little are in FL. And I could have done a post about how great she is but I think y'all have gathered from past posts that she is pretty awesome! SO, happy bday baby girl.... you rock!!!!

Gotta go for now. I am really goingt ot ry to post mor eoften once things calm down a little.....

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update.... again

Steven still has not passed the stone. It has now lodged itself again and is causing blockage of his kidney. Again. But, this time, it has blocked it to such an extent that there is swelling showing on the ultrasound. So, rather than risk permanent damage to the kidney, we have scheduled surgery for Monday morning.

They will be placing a stent which will allow his kidney to drain. No fun. In 10 days - 2 weeks he will go to have it removed. If the stone has still not passed at that point then they will have to go in and get it.

We are stressing somewhat although both of us trust his doctor. Send positive thoughts and I will update after the surgery on Monday. Things have been crazy and weird and busy here. Long stories involving broken down vans and sickness and just stress filled weeks. Maybe we will have some good luck to balance out the bad soon.