Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Star Gazing


Stargazing.... cloud watching..... moon phases..... peeking in your neighbor's window.... oops! Not that one. Just kidding.

Really, though. I love to watch the sky. There is going to be a TOTAL Solar Eclipse in August! How cool is that?

And, I can't wait to start showing the Boys the stars. The Girl and I bought a telescope years and years ago ( I think it was actually a present from Santa Claus) but it has never worked right. I really want to get a new one. And one that will work RIGHT. I want to be able to see the rings of Saturn. And point out each star in Orion's belt. Have I ever told you that my Middlest child's middle name is Orion? And we also had planned on naming him Cassiopeia if he was a girl..... you can see I like the stars! LOL

Have you ever just laid under the stars and tried to count how many you can see? Some nights, I see very few. I want to see more. I wonder how many there really are in the Universe?

I wonder if ours is really the only one with a planet that has intelligent life on it? And are there people (of one sort or another) on another planet looking through telescopes and seeing out sun and wondering the same thing? How cool would that be?

Check out This Site for some great deals on some great telescopes. They have this really cool astronomical reflector telescope that is less than $70. Now THAT is worth checking out. I wonder if I can get Grandma to buy it for The Boy for his bday? LOL

They also carry binoculars for those of you who really must check out your neighbors..... or for hunters... or whomever uses those things. Actually, I think The Girl has a pair... I wonder what she does with them?


Bina said...

When I lived in the country, you could so many stars, but I never realized how many were up there until I went to visit my mom this past Thanksgiving. She lives in the mountains in WV and there is NO light around her house after dark. I sat out there, in 12 degree temps, and just looked at them all until my neck hurt. It was so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Nana The Nana said...

Sound quite soleful here girl. I love the stars as well. When you think how small and insignificant we are compared to the universe! Oh well, when I get up there I can watch over the whole world...We are quite a wonder too!