Thursday, January 31, 2013

Moving Phobia

We will (hopefully) be moving back to Florida in June. I am happy about this! Excited and almost ecstatic actually. Not about the moving part. Just about the Florida part.

The thought of the actual MOCE is filling me with stress, tension and fear.

What you have to understand is that we moved 4 times in the space of one year. And each time it was stressful and anxiety ridden. So I have horrible memories of moving. And an inter state move is even worse! It all has to be done at once. You can't forget something and run back and get it.

This week I ave spent time trying to figure out the moving costs so that we can set the $$ aside and not spend it. And checking on the cost of a moving van. And looking at the costs of getting utilities turned on. And thinking about packing. And new schools. And new responsibilities as a home owner (sort of).

My stomach is in knots and I have a stress headache.

It will all work out fine in the end but until then I have a feeling I will be obsessing over every little detail.

I need strength and fortitude to get through until after the move. I need wine too.

Spring is Coming

Walking through the browned and wilted grass of the winter field
staring at the steely sky
watching gray edged clouds skitter behind
the skeletal tree limbs
reaching their fingers towards the filtered sun

Feeling the pale sunlight barely warming my skin
and the light brush of a breeze
across the hairs upon my head

Trying to absorb some springtime
between the winter rays

Fluffy green pine branches
yellow tinged leaves
cushions of crisp and crunchy beneath my feet

A insistent tweeting from the branches overhead
a quiet humming from a bee
as it cruises through my winter dead garden
and the slush and hush of wet traffic whispers through the air

Breathe deep
smell the smoky, distant smell
of winter's retreat

Glimpse the greening

See the swelling

Feel the trembling

of the earth about to burst

into springtime

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So, Jenna and Nate are getting married at the end of April. That means I will be a Mother in law! I wonder what crazy things I can do to make them groan when I tell them I am coming to visit?!? Of course, they have to MOVE OUT before I can come visit them. LOL

It is a little weird to think about my baby girl getting married. Some days it seems like just yesterday that she was born. And of course I worry about them getting married so young. But it is their lives and their decision! And they are really good for each other. Nate is a good young man with a good work ethic who treats Jenna well. They really love each other. SO I guess getting married is a natural progression for them. And when we move they will be staying here so I guess them being married is a good thing.

Planning the wedding has been fun so far although a little stressful for Ms. Jenna I think! And there are tons of things to be done before April... which is creeping up on us pretty fast!

I told them I am not allowed to be a Grandma until I am at least 40 by the way. Otherwise it will just feel wrong.... :)

Any of my readers have grown children who have gotten married? Is it weird having a son or daughter in law? I mean, Nate has lived with us for close to a year now so I feel like I know him pretty well. But I wonder if it is feels different once they are actually married? He already irritates me ALMOST as much as Jenna does. heeheehee

Aren't they cute?????

Anyway. If anyone is actually reading these posts, what do you want me to write about? ANything you want to know, see, hear? Any updates you want? Any info you want me to share? I am trying to write every day and get back int he habit so ideas for posts are important! ;)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tackling Parenthood (Special Needs Edition)

Last night we went to a "Tackling Parenthood" seminar at the local high school. There was $1 dinners for everyone (BBQ or Pizza), some information booths, door prizes and two sessions of informative "classes".  The sessions included things like Coaching Children to Manage Emotions, Cyberbullying and Homework Help for Elementary Aged Students. The two sessions that we attended were Developing Attention Skills in Young Children and Autism Spectrum and ADHD Education and Behavior Strategies.

We ate and the boys went to the gym for some play time. I loved that because we missed Braeden's Social Skills therapy to attend the seminar so him having some social interaction with NT kids was great.

The first session we went to was about attention skills. Now, Malachai has been diagnosed with ADHD which was no surprise to anyone who knows him. He is struggling in class and at home to stay on task, be focused and actually SIT STILL. We have decided not to medicate him at this time. We know it may be inevitable in the future but with him being so young we have decided to wait with the blessings of his teacher and his psychiatrist. We want him to learn coping skills and strategies so that he is not dependent upon medication for the rest of his life with no alternatives. So, any information we can get, or ideas, is sooooo welcome! The speaker gave us a handout with some great ideas on it and he gave us some great information.

The second session was not as informative for us. Not because the speaker was bad but just because we already pretty much knew what he was telling us. Plus, it was a tiny group of people and we spent most of the time discussing what challenges our children face. It is always interesting to talk to other autism parents!

We are really glad we went to the seminar. It almost makes me wish we would still be here when they do it again next year! There were several other sessions I would have loved to attend. I worry that when we move I won't be able to find the resources and help we need for the boys.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the new school they will be at next year will have what we need. That the boys will do well. That I can find doctors, therapists and a support network that will be what we need. It is a big step, taking our family out of this comfort zone we have here, away from teachers, schools and administrators who are used to working with us, away from doctors and therapists who have worked with both boys for years, away from the schedules and routines that Braeden has become so accustomed to.

I will have to start over from scratch and that is a scary prospect!

The director of the local Special Services Department for the schools has offered to work directly with the new school district to make sure that the transition is smooth. And I am making a list of steps to take to find the services and support we need. But boy am I nervous!!!

Parenthood is hard. Being a Special Needs parent is even harder. Every child has their own challenges and issues but they are just multiplied when there are special needs attached. When we moved to Mississippi my only real worries for Jenna were if she would be challenged at school and make friends. Now I have so many other concerns for my boys that it just stresses me out. Being Mama Bear is tough sometimes!!

But it sure is worth it!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sleepless Nights and Pinterest Porn

Yesterday I made breakfast via Pinterest. I used this pin to make hash browns! Here it is in pictures... 

 I think they turned out pretty alright! Crispy and NOT greasy! I will definitely be doing this again. Next time I might add shaved onion as well. Yum.

I didn't sleep well last night and nothing worked to help.  I tried turning everything off and lying down. I tried reading. I tried watching TV. I tried chamomile tea. I tried Tums to help my acid reflux. I just could not turn off my brain and settle. I am running on about 3 1/2 hours of sleep right now. I need to work out and then I have a seminar to go to tonight. I have a feeling I will be sleeping EXTREMELY well tonight!

I think it is interesting how our bodies react to exercise and nutrition. I used to drink 6 - 8 sodas a day. Full of sugar and caffeine. And did no formal exercise whatsoever. I would have sleepless nights at least once or twice a week. Since I cut out the soda and limited myself to coffee and green tea before noon ONLY and have been working out every day I am sleeping like a log. I am usually asleep within 15 minutes of getting into bed. And rarely wake up during the night unless I have to pee. 

Yesterday I skipped my workout. Figured I needed a break, right? I guess my body was not worn out enough to tune out the chaos in my brain!!! So today, even though I am exhausted, I am going to go in and turn on the Wii Fit and do my workout. One hour of cardio and strength training and yoga. If I feel up to it I will do more. But that is the bare minimum that I need to do for my body and lifestyle right now. 

I need to listen to my body more often and tell my brain to take a hike!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pinterest Addict

Yep. I am addicted to Pinterest! If you use it then feel free to check out my boards here. If you would like or need an invitation then just drop me a comment and I will send you one.  Since I spend so much time on Pinterest I have actually started using some of the things I have pinned! My SIL started a blog JUST to talk about things she has done from Pinterest. I am not going to do that. But, I WILL be sharing some things that I have discovered are huge time savers or great tips.

I also taught myself to crochet via links on Pinterest! I am slowly working my way through all of the crappy yarn that was floating around in my house by making things like ice cream sweaters and coasters. Once I am feeling like I know what I am doing pretty well I have a ton of great pins to help me make some great items like afghans, scarves, skirts and hats. Can't wait!

I am also working out every day and trying to get healthy. SO far I have done really well and have worked out every day since January 2nd. I will NOT be sharing a ton of stuff about my weight loss and healthy living journey unless it is requested. I have a private group on Facebook where I post a lot of stuff and a bunch of boards on Pinterest (of course) with great tips and links to exercises.

So I really AM busy! Busy with crafts, busy with working out, busy with every day life, busy planning an interstate move in a few months..... and busy with Pinterest!!

More later! I tried a GREAT tip this morning that I may just share with you. With pictures. Yummy.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Things have been rough and busy and crazy and just all around overwhelming for months. Obviously. Since I can't seem to post any updates here on my actual blog. Facebook is just so much easier. But you can only do so much on there.....

I am going to be trying to update here more regularly. No promises.....