Friday, June 13, 2008


Never made it to CVS this week. We are just too broke for me to buy anything. I decided to wait and I will just work out even better deals next week! LOL

It is a challenge this week to make ends meet. We have about $20 to last us until next Thursday. For gas, cigarettes (maybe I will just quit finally) and any groceries we may need. hmmm..... I am thinking it may be time to bust into the change jar.

I actually think we will be ok as far as groceries and any store bought stuff goes. The only thing that may cause a problem is gas for the week. But, that IS why we have the emergency change jar!

I will be back with scenarios for CVS, menus for next week and much much more after the weekend. I am working on some ideas to get this blog a little more active and with more interesting content.... stay tuned. For the one or two people who pop in! LOL

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