Friday, June 20, 2008

Better day?

Well, I am much calmer this evening. There is still no resolution to the pay issue... hopefully Steven talks to his boss this evening and I can stop stressing. After updating with the latest last night, my internet went down this morning and is JUST NOW up again! I don't think i have gone this long without internet access in a year or more! I really don't like it! LOL

I really hate getting that angry. And then, there is really nothing I can do! Yes, i could call the boss myself.... but that is stepping on Steven's toes. Our relationship is very flexible and we respect each other. One thing that I give him and try to never interfere with is his work. That is his. As long as he is paying the bills.... I do not interfere. So, I am giving him the chance to step up and take care of this. Man up, man! Other than that.... I am just juggling. And trying to stay calm. The stress does not do me any good as far as the blood pressure goes.

On another note, the youngest WOM has a very interesting rash going on. It looks like sunburn but it isn't. It is on his chest, stomach and thighs. I talked to the nurse at his pediatricians office. We don't think it is anything to WORRY about yet. If it does not go away or if he develops any other symptoms of anything thing I will be taking him in. It could be Fifths disease but i don't think so. And even if it is.... that's no biggie. And they can't do anything for it anyway. I think it is just a topical allergy of some kind. He has been playing outside a lot. IT may just be irritation from sand or grass bits or who knows what. We will see how he is int he morning.

The eldest WOM is in fine fettle today. He has been driving me crazy and teasing his brother without mercy all day long. Of course, it doesn't help that my living room is currently.... trashed. I guess that is the word I am looking for. Every toy the boys own is in my living room right now. I decided, in my anger yesterday, that I needed to accomplish something. So, I was going to go through their toys and get rid of some and organize the rest and clean their room and then put them away. Yeah. They are still in my living room.

Tomorrow they will be taken care of, one way or another!

So, for now, I am calmer, my house is messier, the boys are themselves and Steven is working. And will, hopefully, have some good news for me when he gets home. Or he just might be sleeping on the couch! LOL


Lynn said...

Here's hoping you got good news. My husband used to work as a pizza manager and was salary, which sucked because he always worked at least 60 hours a week. Your husband's boss should feel ashamed that he didn't pay him for vacation time. That's just plain wrong.

Bina said...

Amazing you talk about rashes because me and hubby were just talking about them, like five minutes ago! My friends daughter has this rash all over her tiny little boobies, and she just went to the doctor. It's from her bathing suit, from swimming in the river, letting it dry, swimming in the river, etc. It's contact dermititis, and my youngest son ALWAYS had weird rashes. That boys skin is so sensitive!

I sure hope hubby's pay gets straightened out cause what his boss has done is just WRONG!!!!! But glad you are feeling better about it.