Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Blogger!

My wonderful niece, Amalise, has started a new blog. She is a brand spanking new blogger so if you head over to say hi.... give her some advice about blogging! Or some ideas on things to write about. Or just a friendly "Hi! Welcome to the crazy world of blogging!" Amalise will be 16 this November. She is a sweetheart. So, go say hi!

In other news.....

My friend Jessica from The Barn Bums is struggling a little right now. Her mom is battling cancer and Jessica is struggling with thoughts of mortality. Please send her mom healing thoughts and Jessica some vibes full of strength. I am thinking of you Jess!

I am horribly uninspired this week. I am feeling very blah and mostly kinda uck. With a smattering of pluuuuckkkblugg just to top it off. Nothing is really wrong, per se. Just.... eh. I need inspiration! I need a muse! I need..... well. Something. he.

Any inspirations for me? Any ideas for subjects to write about? I am sure I will be back on track soon. It is probably the fact that my husband has been home from work for most of the past 4 days. So, I have been talking to him and not thinking about blogging. BUT..... anyway.

I will be back if I can think of anything to write about that is at all interesting! LOL


Shamelessly Sassy said...

I love your header!

Unka Paul said...

Well Blog about Steven. Some of us still care bout him down here y'know. Last I was told he still has 3 stones in his kidney. How's all that been goin any progress on a real Doc, not a Doc ina box Doc?
Peace and Huggs

akvheartsmmc said...

Thanks for spreading the word about my blog.

Love you...


Jen said...

Write about Spencer the Magical Superelephant!! (In-joke, couldn't resist, sorry... :-) )
Um...write about Steven. Or the boys. Or me? Or maybe write a poem or something. I love reading those.

(PS -- I made you a blog header...It's not that great, but I was bored. *shrug*)

Nana The Nana said...

The inspiration in the form of your daughter is now in Florida! Or, her help is missing so you can't really do the same things. Whatever, you will be back I am sure of that. I went to Amalise's blog. Cool that she is on now. We can keep in touch with each other and give each other moral support. I will add your friend to my prayer list..Love and hugs..

Jessica said...

You are just too sweet. It is alot of comfort in knowing your friends care.