Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things I love about Myself

Thanks to everyone for your comments on yesterdays post. Like I said, I do love myself. And I made my list. What was disconcerting about the process was just how damn quickly the negative came to mind and how I had to really think hard to find the positive. That is not healthy! Time to concentrate on loving myself instead of trying to change myself constantly!

So, here they are. I have 21 and stopped there for now. I will post details of the boys' doctor visit later.

1. I am a good mother. I love my children and take great care of them. They love me.

2. I am a good wife and partner for my husband. We have a strong relationship based on trust and balance.

3. I am a strong advocate for my children's health – physical, mental and emotional.

4. I am creative. I write poetry with my soul, I create physical crafts that are beautiful and useful.

5. I am intelligent.

6. I am a strong person and able to handle anything that life throws at me. I may bend, but I never break.

7. I am compassionate, sympathetic and empathetic.

8. I have cute toes.

9. I have pretty eyes.

10. I have a sense of humor that is slightly off center. I love to laugh.

11. I see the good in people even while I acknowledge the bad.

12. I see beauty in everyone.

13. I am capable of loving anyone, male or female, with appreciation for what makes them special and unique.

14. I am sensual and sexual in nature.

15. I am adventurous and enjoy trying new things.

16. I can see different viewpoints and understand them without necessarily agreeing with them.

17. I am a hard worker at anything I do.

18. I am passionate.

19. I am forgiving while never forgetting.

20. I am a good friend. I treat my friends with respect and love. I am there whenever I am needed and try my damnedest to do anything I can to make my friends' lives better. I always try to go the extra mile.

21. I hug without inhibition. As needed for comfort, joy and love.


Nana The Nana said...

You left one off. You are a wonderful daughter, sister, cousin and Aunt, because of all the above mentioned attributes. I agree, we are all guilty of seeing the negative to quickly and not seeing the good things. Love and big hugs.

Jen said...

*ahem.* You forgot one:
22: You are the most kick-ass woman in the universe and don't give a care what other people think.

Or, at least, that's what I see.
(and yes, I said ass. :-P)