Thursday, April 30, 2009

Silver Plated Bullets....

(OK, so they aren't silver, but you get the idea...)

  • Malachai fell down yesterday and busted his lip wide open. Blood everywhere. Now he has a fat lip and looks like a prize fighter. It's almost as attractive as when Braeden got hit in the face and sported a huge black eye for a week and a half. Sometimes I wonder why noone has called DCF on me, what with how the boys always look like they have been beaten...

  • There is a huge raccoon that lives by my house. It likes to come up and eat the cat food. I went out to smoke a cigarette the other night and looked over to check on the cats and what do I see? The raccoon was sitting about 2 feet away from me. He looked at me like "Bitch. What you gonna do?" and I was all like "I ain't doin' nothin'. I am just smoking and leaving you alone." And he was all like "That's right, bitch. I am a bad mofo and you better just leave me alone." Then one of the cats came over and wanted to be all big and bad until he actually SAW the coon. The thing was 4 times his size! That would have been a lop sided fight. We just watched him eat all of the food and go away.

  • Hubby is finally getting health insurance at the restaurant. COmpletely free, he doesn't have to pay anything for it. He was supposed to go sign papers before work today. So, what happens? You guessed it. He started throwing up last night. Maybe it is the swine flu. Then I could at least have something interesting to write about other than puke, piss and penises.

  • I just read "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" by Carrie Ryan yesterday. Seriously good book. I read it right through and couldn'y put it down. And if she does not write a sequal I am going to be forced to hunt her down and pull a Misery on her. Without all the torture and stuff. Maybe I will just bribe her to tell me what happens. Seriously? If you like zombie books, buy this one. If you like stories about people discovering who they are and growing and becoming? Buy this book. It rocks hard core.

  • I need to fold about 7 loads of laundry and have no desire to do so. Anyone want to come be my laundry girl? Mom, I know you are reading this. Yes, I have folded laundry since you visited. But, ya know, the kids wear so damn many clothes. What is wrong with them? I mean, really......

  • Tonight's dinner is supposed to be veggie stir fry with rice or couscous. But, I am feeling the need for BACON. I think it's all th etalk about swine flu. Makes me think about pigs. ANd thus.... bacon. Maybe I will switch dinner to breakfast for dinner tonight. Or maybe just bacon sandwiches. Ha.

  • I find myself highly amused byt he fact that my 2 year old is more interested in potty training than my almost 4 year old. Everyone says "He won't graduate high school in diapers" and I say "You don't know my stubborn ass kid!" I swear.....

  • Ok, fine, thats not all. Read this post by Heather and try not to laugh. I dare you. I think she stole my children......

  • Also, I won a Kindle 2 and it got here yesterday. I promptly gave it to the hubby who promptly wen tinto full blown geek mode. He thinks it is spiffy. Actually, so do I. ALthough I can't see myself being able to use it very often now that he has his hands on it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Menu Planning? Or Just random typing....

My menu did not get followed very well last week. However, since I was sick I guess that is acceptable. LOL Hopefully this week will be better. Do to unexpectedly remembering my daughter had book club last night, this post is late and dinner last night morphed into pizza. So, here is this weeks menu....

Monday - Pizza

Tuesday - Hamburger Gravy and Rice (The recipe is way down at the bottom of the post I linked to)

Wednesday - Frito Pie (We ended up not making this on Sunday)

Thursday - Veggie stirfry with rice or couscous

Friday - Bean Taco Bake with Crescent roll crust (YUMMY)

Saturday - Leftovers

Sunday - Burgers and dogs with french fries. And leftover chili!

That's it folks. I am frazzled today as I feel like I am never getting anything done around the house. I think I am going to start doing a "What I Did Today" post once a week so I can see in black and white that I have accomplished something. Who knows....

I need tips, advice and resources to read all about taking your toddlers and preschoolers to Disney World. I want this trip to be easy and fun so that I don't regret it and we will want to go back soon! Share any tips you know or send me links to articles or whatever, please!

More soon. The boys are trying to eat my soul right now....

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I went to get my husband from work last night and he was in the midst of playing bouncer! They had had a party booked into the restaurant for a sorority. 200 drunk college kids. So much fun. I think they paid about $2500 to book the party for the night and pay for appetizers. Then, there was a 20% gratuity added. And the bar tab? LMAO Over $4000 for drinks. I think the poor bar tenders almost had strokes trying to keep up with all of them. AND not serve the underage kids!

I hung out with him, outside, and waited for their bus to pick them up. Yes, at least "most" of them did not drive home drunk! So, while I was waiting I had a drunk frat boy hitting on me. It was amusing. I could almost be his mother.

Wait. That is also kind of depressing!

We are all mostly well again, I think. Still not 100% but on our way there.

I have tons of writing to do over the next few weeks as we prepare for our trip to Florida. I would like to be able to make enough money to pay for our visit to Disney World! So far, since I joined Demand Studios last week, I have earned $60 with them. I should be able to earn up to $150 a week without working too hard. That means about $600 towards Disney! Wish me luck. Hopefully the Wingmen of Mayhem actually let me write.

We are planning the trip for the first week in June and I cannot wait to see all of my family and friends. It has been way too long.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sickness in the Castle

Jenna has been sick for the past four days although she seems to be better today. She was throwing up, yuck. Braeden had fever and "tummy boo boos" and now I am feeling like a badger is gnawing on my intestines.

Love that image, don't you?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Menu Planning Revisited

I have been horrible at menu planning lately. The past few months have been last minute decisions and way too much money spent on food. So, it's back to the drawing board! I am trying to get back in the habit of planning my meals in advance and shopping with a plan. I planned out a months worth of menus this weekend and went and did my monthly shopping. I spent approximately $310 on groceries for the month. I will probably have to pick up one or two things throughout the month like bread or fresh vegetables. But, probably not too much as I am planning to try to keep it to the bare minimums. We are trying to save money for our trip to Florida this summer!

As a bonus, we are trying to switch our meals over to semi-vegetarian (flexitarian) which will save us money on meat. I have been exploring new recipes and trying to get some ideas of foods my family will eat that are a little healthier and more economical. So, this week's menu reflects that to some extent. Hopefully I will stick to this plan, although I do have a month's worth of meals to choose from if something falls apart at the last minute!

Menu for the week of 4/20 - 4/26

Monday - Vegetarian version of Skillet Bow Tie Lasagna made with mushrooms, onions, peppers, zucchini and whatever else I happen to throw in! Also trying to make Soft Buttery Breadsticks.

Tuesday - Thai style vegetable stir fry with wild rice, brown rice and whole wheat orzo.

Wednesday - Hubby is off this day! Making him his favorite Country Fried Steak with mashed potatoes, country gravy and corn. I may also make some whole wheat rolls.

Thursday - Lentils and beans with brown rice. I have several different recipes I want to try out so I am not sure exactly which one I will pick!

Friday - Leftovers/ Whatever you can find in the fridge!

Saturday - Pizza Casserole but made with no ground beef and adding mushrooms, black olives and extra cheese! Probably making some whole wheat breadsticks or garlic rolls to go with this.

Sunday - IF hubby is off work and feels like cooking, we may have Frito pie. Served with either steamed broccoli or maybe a salad. If he is at work and cannot make his famous chili then I will end up making breakfast for dinner, probably.

Need more ideas for dinner? Check out all of the great menus over at Menu Planning Monday on I'm An Organizing Junkie!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Award? For me?

So, my fabulous daughter, Jenna, from As The Plot Thickens and The Delusional has bestowed (is that right? Should it be bestown? I am sure she will let me know!) upon me a blog award. Not that I think I deserve one what with the sparseness of my blog posts lately, but hey! I'll take it anyway! So the award is the Lemonade Stand award and it is given for great gratitude and/or attitude... and Here it is!

Okay, the rules of this one are as follows:

* Post the award on your blog (done)
* Let them know who gave it to you (done) and link (done)
* Nominate ten other blogs (which I am about to do) and link to them (also, about to do)
* Let your nominees know that they've received the award (I'll do that when I finish this post)

So, here we go with the nominees:

Amy from Amalah - While I know that Amy has about 10 gazillion people who read her blog and she probably gets tons of awards... this one is for her from me. Cause she helps me deal with the emotional turmoil that comes along with having a child with speech and/ or behavior issues. I have followed her journey as I have walked my own path with Braeden. She has given me strength with her never give up attitude. Thanks, Amy!

Lotus from Sarcastic Mom - My heart bled for Lotus over the past year. And it soars with her as she shares her joy and love for her child and the world with everyone who reads her blog. She has shown more strength than I could ever imagine. And even in the middle of depression, still made me smile.

Bina from Just Another Day - Bina always makee me smile with her stories and her take on the world around her. She always seems to bounce right back whenever she has a problem. I want to just hang out with her and chat. And maybe have a beer or two!

Heather from Queen of Shake Shake - Heather makes me snort with laughter on a regular basis. That is not, however, why she gets this award. She gets it for her unending devtion to her sons and her ability to see the world in a different, and maybe better, way through the eyes of her son. And because she helps us see it, too.

Laura from Silence is Broken - Laura (Peaches!) gets this award for being one of the most forgiving and fabulous women I have met on the blogosphere. Her life story made me cry, made me angry for her and made me want to hug her. And she shared it with all of the world. And even after all she has been through, she is one of the most positive people I know!

AsthmaGirl from Is My Cape Fluttering? - Want to learn how tro deal with a chronic illness with panache and chutzpa? Go check out Asthmagirl. And her food porn makes me love her, too.

CJ from A Shining Wreck - An amazing person who does not post often. Her writing always leaves me feeling like I either got punched in the stomach or stroked... somewhere. She is a woman who struggles every day to be with us. When she posts, I am there. Every time. Thanks, CJ!

And I would have nominated my lovely Claudia from Dragonfly Dreaming but her blog disappeared and I don't know what happened to her... sniff... sniff... I have to email her cause I miss her.

That's not 10. But that's more of a post than you have had from me for a while! I leave the other award open for some of the amazing bloggers who pop in to read me when I write... you want it? Yours. Cause you all make me glad to know you!

I promise, a new post soon. I have some changes that will be happening with both blogs and some announcements as to the future of this blog.... Thanks for checking in!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Article written by a fellow writer on Associated Content. If this doesn't touch you, you have no heart.

Please Honor My Baby on April 20th

Please help me honor my baby by doing an act of kindness and love on 4/20.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I need a gnome....

Things are hectic. I am not even sure if I can go into it all yet. The last few months have been absolutely horrid for me. Steven's surgeries and illness and teen angst and the boys being typical toddler boys. And now.... Malachai turned 2.

He has to have an evaluation with Early Intervention for speech.

Sound familiar?

He goes on Friday for eval. The director of our local EI office came over yesterday to fill out paperwork, etc. She said he will probably receive services because of things she saw when she was here. But, she saw no signs of any other delays. So we are just waiting for the official evaluation and reccomendation now.

What this means is that he will probably have to have a speech therapist come here to the house once a week to work with him. That is in addition to the twice a week that I have to take Braeden to therapy up at the school.

Fun for mom.

I promise to post more in depth as soon as I have a chance to get my head together!

Time to ship them all away!

Parenting Tips for Planning for Summer Camp
Summer Camp can be an exciting and scary time for a child. What few consider is that it can be a scary time for a parent as well. Here are ten tips to help you and your child prepare for summer camp.