Sunday, June 8, 2008

CVS Deals - LATE!

Went to CVS late last night. First, I needed to return 3 of the packs of diapers I had gotten last time. I don't like them. They are not..... as absorbent as I would like and they make my youngest break out on his bottom. So, I took them back. But, they would only refund me the actual oop I spent. Yuck! So, my manager buddy and I figured things out. I exchanged them for 3 packs of the CVS brand diapers which i am happy with. I have used them before so I know they work ok on the boys.

Now.... for my transactions!

Duracell Batteries AAA 4 pk @ 2.99
Duracell Batteries AA 12 pk @ 8.99
2 Charmin Ultra Soft 9 pks @ 4.99 each

Used 3/15 CVS coupon
Used 2 .25/1 Charmin coupons
Used 2 .75/1 Duracell coupons

Used 5 ECB

Paid 12.94 oop and received 10 ECB

1 Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit @ 19.99

Used 3/15 CVS coupon
Used 5/1 Swiffer coupon

Used 10 ECB

Paid 2.48 oop and my ECB did not print! I will call the 1800 # tomorrow.

2 Dawn Ultra Dish Soaps @ 1.00 each
2 Propel Water 6 packs @ 4.50 each
2 Mitchum Ladies Deoderant @ 3.99 each

Used 3/15 CVS coupon
Used .25/1 Dawn
Used .50/1 Dawn
Used 2 .75/1 Mitchum
Used 2 1/1 Propel

Paid 12.85 oop and received 5 ECB.

Total Product = 60.93
Total oop = 28.27
Total ECB taken home = 5 plus 5 I need to call about.

Not too bad. All of the items I bought are things I need or will use. I would have done more deals (monthly) but I was out of cash and wanted to straighten out the ECB problem with Customer Service before going any further.

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I will be posting my scenarios for this week sometime this afternoon or Monday AM.

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