Thursday, June 12, 2008

To Sit or Not To Sit

There's this site I was checking out.... for furniture. It is Furniture From Home at . The site is basically a furniture store online and you buy it and it is shipped to you. I was a little dubious honestly. Who wants to buy furniture without sitting on it first? Right? Well, they actually have a guide for "How to buy furniture online" and have an extremely fair return policy from what I can tell. And, for my money, their FREE Nationwide Delivery sounds pretty darn good.

I know that we will be in search of new furniture one day soon. Once the Wingmen Of Mayhem are a little older! So, I thought I would search a little and see what I could find. I found a kickin' platform bed that I am drooling over. And a Rocking Chaise Recliner that I might have to bribe my husband to get me sometime soon..... sigh. I wish.....

You can search on the site by room, by style or by color. They also have advanced search options. And you can check out the most popular styles as well. Their Furniture selection appears to be large and reasonably priced. A little expensive for me, but I am still at the Flea Market furniture stage to be honest. I have a hard time paying $600 for something my kids will ruin. That's why I am waiting! LOL

They have Bedroom Furniture and Living Room Furniture as well as entertainment centers and office furniture. If you are looking for a modern dining room set then check it out. And much more. Wide selection. Free shipping. Fair return policy.

Seems to me to be a pretty great site if you are looking to invest some money in some quality furniture.

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Bina said...

Great! I'm going to check this out right now, cause I'll be needing to replace my living furniture here pretty soon!