Friday, June 20, 2008

No CVS deals this week. No frugality other than the fact that I had to get through a week with only about $20 total (in change!) for gas, cigarettes and bread, etc. It was no fun. We are currently in a budget crisis. I will be (hopefully) back on the bandwagon with the great deals this coming up week.

I did score some sweet deals on meat at Winn-Dixie today. There were BOGO deals on boneless, skinless chicken breast that made it work out to 0.14 per ounce. Pretty good. I stocked up. Also, BOGO on london broil steaks, sirloin steaks and some great prices on boneless center cut chops and ground round. I picked up all of my meat for the month and some extra as well as some frozen stuffed chicken breasts, pickles and jelly for less than $100. Thats 4 packs chicken, 4 packs chops, 2 london broils, 2 steaks, 8 pounds of ground round and the other stuff. Not bad. I will not need to buy any meat for a bit now. Worth buying it now to get it at such good prices.

Back tomorrow with a recipe for a cool summer meal!

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