Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vitamin Love

Ok, here's a question for you:

I am taking the following supplements every day:

Fish Oil 1000 mg (For cardio health)
Hawthorne Berries 565 mg 3 x daily (For a healthy heart)
Acidophilus with Bifidus 3 x daily (For digestion)
Multi Vitamin
Sublingual B-complex (For energy)

Does anyone have any suggestions of other supplements that I could take to help with the HBP? Or, that would just be a good idea now that I am over 30 and not doing so hot health wise?

Also.... The Boy was throwing a fit because he did not want what I had given him for breakfast and I got very frustrated. I hollered at him and told him he needed to TELL me what he wanted! So.... he sighed really big and looked me int he eyes and said "Grits" as clear as day. Ha!

Yes, he got grits for breakfast! LOL Any new word is cause for celebration here!


Nana The Nana said...

You need to talk to someone in the pharmacy about what you are taking. Someitmes supplements interfear with your medicine. You have to be very careful. I also take Fish Oil. Under Dr. direction. You need to make sure of what you take and ask if there is anything else you should or can take.

You need to tell the boy more often in that tone of voice, I am glad to hear he actually told you what he wanted! Love and hugs....

Bina said...

I wish I could help here. My assitant takes so many supplements daily, and sometimes I wonder if THAT many can be good. I'm talking about 12 pills a day!

How 'bout asking a health store? They may be able to help!

Yea for the boy! Sounds like he may have been frustrated, too!

Jessica said...

Lil' Bum takes princess vitamins but Mr. Bum and I take nothing. I know I too should take fish oil and a multivitamin but I am lazy.

Hope other friends have more info.

GRITS! I bet that word has never sounded so sweet. Sounds like the speech is helping with his speech and confidence. Yeah! I can only imagine that it relieves stress and frustration in both of you when you can communicate easier.

Claudia said...

Garlic, love. Tons and tons and tons of garlic. Hawthorne and Folic acid too. :)

Oh, and...* hides * a gym membership. ;)

Faerie Mom said...

Claudia... folic acid ... I will have to check my multi and see if thats in there. Hawthorne, check. Garlic.... I eat a bunch but I may look into supplements as well. I have a gym membership... I just need to kick it up a notch! LOl LOL

Claudia said...

Join the club, sistah, join the club. * sighs *

Laura ~Peach~ said...

calcium magnesium and zinc...
all women should take these for bone health and to help muscles work proper... is there b12 in your b combo?
CONGRATULATION on the GRITS! way to go boy!!! I so love grits :)
hugs Laura