Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pay Per Post Rocks!

OK, so remember a while back I signed up for Pay Per Post? And I said that I would probably never get a chance to get paid for anything through them? Cause my Google rank was so low? Ha! Ha, I say! I happened to decide to go and check back into it this evening and realized that, like the scatter brained mama I can be at times, I had not completed all of my info to get registered. So, no opportunities were available to me yet! Now, oh now.... there are opportunities! Yeah me! And yeah for pay per post! I actually saw one of their buttons on someone else's blog and followed them home.... and I am really glad I did. I can't wait to really start to explore their site and see what kind of learning opportunities AND money making opportunities I can find!

The really cool thing that I have noticed about PPP so far is that there are resources there on how to be a better blogger and write more entertaining posts. hmmmmm..... I don't know if I can get any more entertaining than some of my sleeping baby posts.... but I am surely going to try! LOL

With all of the money that I end up earning, I think that I will...... save half to help with bills. And use the other half to save up to do things for myself. All women need a spa day every now and then! I could really use a pedicure right about now.....

Anyway, if you are interested in earning money to write blog posts and also learning more about blogging in general... go check out Pay Per Post!

Here is the direct link to get there: drivetraffic


sagmondia said...

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Nana The Nana said...

Good for you, it does help to pay attention! Have fun while you earn. No time to do that now for me, and no computer at home yet... Love and hugs.

Lynn said...

PayPerPost does indeed rock. It's an easy way to make some money with your blog plus I've 'met' some great bloggers and been turned on to some cool websites, contests, and other stuff through their opportunities.

I'm glad you can now take opps. It's amazing how quickly they will add up to a nice amount of money.

Asthmagirl said...

Have not considered it, but hoping that it works for you and that it helps out the family fortunes!

Good for you all around!

Claudia said...

The day my blogging becomes a job, even if it does earn me money, I'll hang it up. But I know plenty of people who do it and are fine with it. Good luck darling!

anup said...

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