Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday's Muse Revisited

Awakening from a darkness
light peeking
through the curtains
I had drawn about my soul.

Stretching and striving
to reclaim
to recover
to rekindle
the woman I am
amidst the life I now lead.

Discovering and discarding
of a life that no longer
fits who I am.

Awakening from a darkness
light streaming
through the curtains
I have drawn away from my heart.


We are THAT Family said...

That was beautiful...and it touched me!

Asthmagirl said...

Lovely. You've really captured something there.

Pioneering in PA said...

Love it!

I haven't written poetry in ages, really. I found that when I start writing poetry, it's time to start looking around for the Prozac. Yup, my muse for poetry happens to be depression. I can even write something all sunshiney and nice while I'm depressed.

But, if I have to choose between having my sanity and being comfortable with myself, or being able to belt out the poetry, I will stick with my sanity.

Good job though!

David said...

Brilliant and illuminating. I loved this.

Nana The Nana said...

Oh my gosh! Where did you come from? That was beautiful. I can just picture you lying in bed stretching and getting ready to meet your day head on, ready or not. Stop wondering, you are you and always will be, just a little displaced for a time being.

Claudia said...

What beautiful words,'s pretty much how most women feel, isn't it? As we evolve from woman to mother and then woman again, seeking our self, our inner spark w/o sacrificing it to the life we've chosen. Well said, you are a beautiful soul, my fey friend.

Jessica said...

We are definitely not the same people we were before becoming mothers. Sometimes it hurts to think it but when we let go of our old selves and embrace the new it makes you feel better, or at least it has me.

Very beautiful.