Sunday, May 18, 2008

CVS Scenarios 5/18 - 5/24

I am trying to plan out my scenarios for this week. The worst thing about my one, lonely CVS store here is that if I do not get there early, all of the deals are gone. And there is no other store anywhere within a reasonable distance to try to locate more items at! So, early planning and shopping really helps. My scenarios are mostly for things we need or will use soon. Some great deals.... I have no need for. I hate buying a bunch of stuff we will not use. Sure, I could sell it at a garage sale, and some things I do. But, mostly, it just sits in a drawer. And... this week I am not seeing a whole lot of money makers. Also, I cannot find the Almay coupons. They were not in my inserts this week. My area usually is lacking the coupons I am looking for!! So.... this weeks scenarios:

Venus Embrace Razor - 9.99
Herbal Essence Conditioner - 5.99
use 3/15 CVS coupon
1/1 Herbal Essence coupon
4/1 Venus coupon
= 7.98
use 7 ECB (from last week)
pay .98 plus tax oop
get 5 ECB ( 3 from Venus, 2 from HE)

2 Banana Boat Suncare - 6.79 each
3 Crest Toothpaste - 1.99 each
use 3/15 CVS coupon
2 1/1 Banana Boat coupons
3 1/1 Crest coupons
= 11.55
use 11.37 ECB (from last week)
pay .18 plus tax oop
get 10 ECB (7 BB, 3 Crest)

2 Almay Intense i-colors - 6.99
1 Oral B Indicator Tooth brush - 1.99
use 3/15 CVS coupon
.75/1 Oral B coupon
= 11.97
use 9 ECB (7 from #2 and 2 from #1)
pay 2.97 plus tax oop
get 11 ECB (10 Almay, 1 tooth brush)

KY Yours Mine - 19.99
4 12 packs coke - 12.00
4 Purex Detergent BOGO - 5.99 on 2
2 Fructis Shampoos - 2.99 each
candy bar filler .50
use 10/50 CVS
1/1 Fructis
5/1 KY
2 1/2 Purex
= 32.45
use 17 ECB (3 #1, 3 #2, 10 #3, 1 #3)
pay 15.45 plus tax oop
get 15 ECB (10 KY, 3 Coke, 2 Fructis)

Total Value = 101.95
Coupons Used = 38.00
ECB spent = 44.37
OOP = 19.58 plus tax
Ending ECB = 15.00

So. There we are. This is what I hope to be doing sometime in the next few days. I will let everyone know how it comes out on Friday as part of the CVS Superstars! Make sure to check back and see if things work out the way I want them to!


Nana The Nana said...

Let me know how the KY yours and mine works out, I saw it advertised. Not that I will need it. Just wonder how it works..

Jessica said...

I am probably going to head for a trip to Arkansas this weekend. We pass right by a CVS in Paris, Texas and I may swing in. I need to check out their sale flyers and will definitely have the trip planned out if I go.

Faerie Mom said...

Let me know how your trip goes, Jessica! Don't forget they have Monthly deals as well as weekly.