Saturday, May 24, 2008

Doing OK

I am doing ok. I had to take a few days just to get my head settled and wrapped around the whole high blood pressure thing. I mean, I knew I had HBP, but going to a doctor and getting pills and all.... it just threw me for a loop I guess. I am fine now. I am making my plans for weight loss and also for smoking cessation (sounds fancy!) and am planning to start watching my diet closer. When I go back in a month, I want the doctor to tell me I am doing well and that maybe I can get off of the pills someday soon. I hate taking pills every day. Hate it hate it hate it.

You can check out my CVS stardom over at the new blog. I am planning to get that site set up as a paying blog and try to keep this one mostly personal. I need a place to vent and share and just be me.

I will be getting back to the questions that I still have to answer either later today or tomorrow. I have some great ones still to go! LOL

Thank you to everyone for your comments on the whole HBP issue. I am going to get through this with flying colors. I am only 33. This is easily handled with diet and exercise if I actually do what I need to do!!

Catch y'all later!

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Jessica said...

I'm glad your feeling better. I wish I could get off all my meds. Sometimes I feel I could everything except the thyroid but it would take some work and I'm not ready. If I watched my diet and exercised I could maybe not take the cholesterol meds ( I hate having to say I have high chol. it doesn't seem fair sometimes but oh well) and I also take antidepressants which is what I would really like to be rid of.