Saturday, May 3, 2008

Post Part One

On Wednesday, I had to take The Boy in for a weight check at the Doctor's office. The baby stayed at home with Daddy and I went on my merry way. The Boy has gained a little over a pound in the past two months! With no medication. We are very very happy with this. All it took was a reevaluation of our outlook on eating. Now, we give The Boy way less than we think he should eat. And usually something familiar to him and one new thing. He usually finishes at least what he is familiar with. And sometimes asks for more. He is doing much better.

A little while after we got home, it was time to take DH to work. I was planning a quick trip so i did not bother to dress the boys or put shoes on them. They were both in tshirts and diapers/ pullups. We dropped DH off and went to pay the electric bill real quick. As I was leaving the electric company, heading home, the car..... stopped. It just stopped. No weird noises. No shaking. No sputtering. It just shut off. And would not start again.

So there I am.... kiddos without pants. No stroller (I forgot to load it back into the car). No cell phone (left at home on accident). And a car that would not start. Parked in the middle of the road.

Luckily for me, a good Samaritan stopped to help. Rebecca, the wonderful woman, helped me push the car into a parking lot, went to get water for the car to see if it was just overheated, brought the boys some cookies and then.... when the car still would not start, gave me and the boys a ride to our house. Bless her. She was a lifesaver.

I left the key in the gas tank for the tow truck driver, grabbed the DVD players from the back seats and locked it up. When i got home, I called AAA. Did you know that they will not tow your car if you are not there with the car? No? Me either. Also, they will not transport babies, mostly. I think sometimes in extreme situations they will.

So, I had to find a way to get BACK to my car in order to get it towed home. Ha! I know very few people here. And of the few that i know, most are either working during the day or not someone I could impose upon. I called the one lady i knew who might help me out. She took time away from writing a paper for school and came to get me. The Girl got home from school and watched the boys.

When I got to the car, it still would not start. I called AAA and Cindy went on her way with many thanks from me!!! An hour later, we were on our way to my house.... the tow truck driver was a nice guy.

So. There I was. At home. Broken car. DH at work with no way home. The kiddos driving me crazy.

DH ended up walking home at 1 AM after the restaurant closed. I am still a little pissed off that NO ONE at the restaurant was able to give him a ride home. It's three miles, people! Yes, it is walkable. But not at 1 AM with a laptop case, going through a bad neighborhood! He got stopped by the cops and did not have his ID on him, either. Fun.

We have no idea what is wrong with the car. Frankly, right now, I don't care. I hope the damn thing rots. I am going to sell it to someone, hopefully, as a fixer upper. $500 and it's yours!

My Aunt-in-law, Aunt Sandy, got here on Thursday afternoon with my new (to us) van! yay! Dh still had to walk to work on Thursday as they did not get here in time to take him.... sigh....

The new van is a 1988 Dodge Caravan. One of the very first minivans ever made. It is in perfect running condition. The mechanics that Aunt Sandy had look over it fixed any little thing that was wrong with it. They went over it with a fine tooth comb... and told her we should not have any problems with it for years!!!!

The best part?

She gave it to us. For free. She and my MIL paid for the repairs and a set of new tires. It is fabulous.... I will try to post pics one day soon. It is ugly and kinda ghetto inside.... but too too beautiful to me!

The stress and worry of never knowing when the car would break down was really getting to me. Now I can relax a little bit... and maybe we can drive for reasons other than necessities!

More soon on other happenings over the past few days....


Claudia said...

My truck is ready to go to car heaven. I'm a little worried about how much longer she's going to last me and when she's going to decide to let go. Never enough money in my world for the all things I need, let alone want, that's where MY stress comes from.

Thank the Gods for peeps like Rachel! Karma will thank her!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new van! You needed that. Plus... not only is it a bonus to have a running vehicle, but now you have super room for the family! I bet that makes YOU ALL HAPPY! That's terrible theat no one gave Steven a ride! Many thanks to Rachel! I stop for Women that are stranded. Even if it is just to see if they need a phone! I hate to see people stuck.

David said...

nice post because of the good that there is in some people. I love having my faith restored by good Samaritans who help us, by relatives who go out of their way to make it all good!
Thank you for this

Asthmagirl said...

Wow, what a story!
I'm glad that you got help with your transportation issues. Thank goodness for friends and family.

Thanks for visiting. I always appreciate your outlook and you make my path a little sweeter!

Claudia said...

Anonymous said...

That is awesome for your aunt was so generous! Yay for new (free!) vans :).

Stormcarver said...

Been there -- so frustrating! Doesn't it figure that everything is at home and the kiddos are nearly nekkid when things like that happen? lol

Glad things worked out in the end! And you can't kill a Caravan with a bat! Wahoo!

Jessica said...

Oh I have had quick trips turn into long ones before and it sucked. I am so sorry your car broke. It all worked out but I hate you even had to deal with it. It is so crappy that no one would give your husband a ride. Seriously, why would they have him walk. Can't wait to see the new van! Yeah!