Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shopping for a Video Camera

DH and I have been shopping and trying to find the best digital video camera for us for.... a month or so now. We want particular features and, of course, a good deal! So.... I have tried looking in stores and searching online. But it is so hard to figure out the specifics of different cameras and compare them to each other on different sites!

So we went to to find what we wanted! We were able to search for the camera we were interested in and compare prices and features right on one site. Very convenient. We still don't have the camera.... but we will have it soon! We know what we want and we are pretty sure that we know which camera it will be.
Click below to go to their site and start finding what you want!
You can find anything from electronics to garden products to clothing and jewelry. Actually.... I am about to go search for some new memory for a laptop I was given......

Does anyone have any words of wisdom on buying a Digital Video Camera? Before we shell out the $$$$$??? LOL


Laura ~Peach~ said...

got to put the specifics of what you want in a video camera for me to be of any help.
There are some great ones out there some more costly than others just depends on what you want it to do!

Anonymous said...

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