Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Frugality On Vacation

We are leaving this weekend for a week long visit at our parents' homes in FL. While the trip there (8 hours) is definitely NOT frugal with gas prices this high, I am hoping to practice frugality in every other way while we are gone. We are planning to stop and eat meals but have snacks and drinks that we will take with us so that we do not have to purchase the expensive ones on the road. We will be stopping at the beach on the way there for some excitement for the kiddos. We will be staying with either one mother or the other the entire time we are gone, so no hotel fees. We will be making one trip to Busch Gardens while we are there, but we will have our Mother's purchase the tickets using both a FL resident price and a AAA discount. Some savings there. I plan to double check the policy of the park regarding bringing food and drink into the park. If I can, i will bring the diaper bag stuffed with snacks, chilled juices for the kids and bottled water for us bigger folk.

Any ideas on saving money in other ways while on the road? We have a budget and I plan to stick to it. But, it would be great to come back with some leftover money to apply to the bills!

In reality, knowing my husband, we will be spending as much as I allow him to spend. He is badly craving food from different restaurants that we do not have here in MS. And he also really really wants to go grocery shopping at some of the specialty stores that we cannot find in this area.

But... if we are buying groceries.... I can count that towards my grocery budget! LOL

And... we are leaving the teenager in FL for the summer! So, that 's a savings on food and miscellaneous for the rest of the summer.

All in all, it is shaping up to be a great week ahead. I will post my CVS deals as soon as I get a chance. Then, I will probably be out of touch for a week or so. I plan to hit CVS and maybe Publix while I am in FL to see if I can get some good deals. I will keep track and let y'all know how I do!

Any ideas for vacation frugality are welcome!

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