Friday, May 30, 2008

CVS Slump

I do not have time to really set out my CVS deals in detail. I will just do an overview really quick.

Products Purchased
8 packs Playskool wipes
4 Sobe Life Waters
3 Revlon Classic Enamel (they were out of the Colors kind)
4 packs Playskool Diapers
4 Rimmel Mascaras (BOGO)
2 Excedrin 24 ct
2 Crest + Scope Toothpastes
1 Tums for Kids

Total Worth (after sales and BOGO)= $101.86

6 transactions
used a total of $72 in coupons and ECBs.
Spent $32.72 out of pocket.
Went home with 5 ECBs.

Not great. I had issues with some of my coupons and trying to work the scenarios .... was trying this week. I have too much on my mind! I still did pretty well, I think.

Sorry I don't have time to break it all down for you. I am on my way out of town for a week of sun and fun in FL. We are going to visit family and I will probably not get a chance to post while I am there.

I am planning to hit up CVS and Publix while I am in FL to see what kind of deals I can find! I will post when I get back.

For now, go check out the other CVS Superstars at The Centisible Sawyer.

1 comment:

MARY-ANN said...

You still seemed to get alot of stuff for what you paid OOP!!
Even if you only save a little, it's still worth it!