Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frugal, Cheap or Weird?

I was reading The Centsible Shopper and her post about saving gas and was floored. She linked to this article about a driving technique called pulse and glide. Ok. No way. Read the article and see if you think that the 8 - 15% savings on gas usage is worth the hassle and the possible danger of doing this! Reading this really made me think......

Frugal versus cheap?

I am all about saving money. But when it comes to safety I am not going to compromise to save a few bucks. And that goes for other areas as well.

What is frugality? And where is the line drawn between being frugal and being cheap? Is reusing your Ziploc bags frugal? Or just plain weird? Is saving empty peanut butter jars to reuse frugal? Or cheap? Or weird?

What are your thoughts? Where do you draw the line?

*** Just wanted to point out that The Centsible Shopper was in no way advocating this technique. She was just discussing it.

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Pioneering in PA said...

UGH I just posted and got an error, and now my comment is gone!

Anyway, I was saying that every time I started to understand that article it stopped making sense.

I could see it being plausible if you start at speed A, put the car in neutral until you hit speed B, then put it in drive until you slowly reach speed A again. But all that mumbo jumbo about shutting the vehicle off and restarting it is just stupid.

Reusing bags and containers isn't cheap or weird. Buying 2-ply T.P. and separating it by hand into 2 rolls is cheap and weird. I don't want someone pawing all over the T.P. I'm going to be using!