Thursday, January 10, 2008

SHHHHHH.... be vewy, vewy qwuiet....

They are asleep! In their own beds! In their shared room! Without my having to go insane! No! I am not bald! Although I am exclamation point impaired right now! But I am so excited! They are asleep!

OK. We can calm down now.

Just cause I haven't mentioned it lately... The Boy is still not speaking. It is a very large frustration for all of us. The Early Intervention people were setting up Speech Therapy for him. He was supposed to start in December. Then it got pushed to after the new year. Then it was supposed to be yesterday. And then the therapist called and said she had a flat tire. So, now, it will be next Wednesday before he starts therapy. He will be bumped from the program when he turns three. If they don't hurry up and get him started he will be bumped before he starts! And he is still on the waiting list for group therapy at the University.

His behavior issues have gotten somewhat better. Since we started getting his sleep schedule under control. If he misses a nap, goes to bed late or otherwise gets off of schedule... I can tell by his behavior. In other ways his issues are worse. But they seem to be more typical 2 yo issues. Fighting with his little brother, pushing, whining. Normal. I can deal with normal.

I just want him to be able to tell me he loves me. Really. Or ask for a drink. Or tell me he wants to play with his trains. Or ask me to give him a hug.

And it's just not happening. He has some words. And he has sounds that he uses for words that bear no real resemblance to the real word. Like "Teese" for "Thank You"... WTF? It breaks my heart to see him struggle so hard to tell me what he wants or needs and nothing comes out in a way that makes sense. Please, Ms. Therapist, get thee to my house!!!!!!

Yes, we have tried signing to him. He refuses. He turns his head away as soon as you start to sign to him and says no. (The one word he does say that is perfectly clear!)

And I talk to him. And do repetition. And read. And try to get him to copy words. And we watch signing videos. And preschool, naming kind of dvds. And we talk about stuff and how to tell us what you want and I talk to this boy until I am blue in the face. Either he is being really really stubborn. Or it really is a disorder. They have diagnosed him with expressive speech disorder. But, what the heck? I really just want the therapist to come here and explain what I can do to help my son. Cause what I am doing? Just ain't cuttin it.

Anyway. Major storms today here in MS. I will have pics and deets tomorrow. For now, I am going to rest my weary head in preparation for the awakening of the children....


Anonymous said...

That's really great that they are sleeping in their beds in their room. always nice to have a successful night. :) As for the speech and stuff...Little J only had about 10 words when he turned 2. It wasn't until after that that he said mommy. we used signing time, but we watched them for fun, and J picked up the signs. Little J's signs were totally unhelpful, like "fish." What worked? Rewarding him with things he liked. Usually food. I got more signs/words rewarding him with food than anything else. If you go back about a year in my myspace blog you can read the details :) I hope the therapist can shed some light on it for you.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on yourself. I know you do everything you can, from watching you. I am so proud of the way you are trying to make this work. Just hang in there. One of these days things will click. Just hang on...I love you...Mom

InTheFastLane said...

I hope that the therapists are able to give you some answers and some things that you can do. That must be very frustrating.