Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Catching Up

I will most certainly share Christmas stories with you, my faithful readers.... as soon as I catch up with myself! Since I did not have a working camera, I took pics of Halloween and Thanksgiving with a disposable camera. They have finally gotten developed! I got a new digital camera for Xmas so newer pictures are coming soon. But... for now.... enjoy these!

Daddy and the Girl carving pumpkins... The Boy was NOT HAPPY about touching pumpkin brains...
The Baby thought the pumpkin was pretty darn cool.

Our backyard play area. The Girl decorated for me... pretty wicked looking if you ask me.

Daddy and The Boy T or T ing. Freddy was pretty scary for the little guy.

Unfortunately, all of the pics that i took of the kids in costume... were crap. They were too dark, too light, cut off or just not there. So no more H'ween pics this year.

Next? Thanksgiving!!!! Yay!

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JessicaB said...

I hate pumpkin brains too. Beautiful baby.