Monday, January 28, 2008

Falling down.....

I am falling down on the job, folks. Today has been a cleaning day and absolutely nothing has inspired me to be creative. I may get that way before the night is done but I doubt it! LOL I have been scrubbing and washing and changing diapers and vacuming and sweeping and hanging out clothes and/....... insert other chores here... all day long. AND trying to keep the kids from hurting each other!

Perhaps I will post again later. Or maybe Monday's Muse will be on Tuesday this week. Or it may just be an off week. I am getting ready for a garage sale which means lots of going through junk. Talk about really realizing how much stupid stuff you own! Golly gee whiz. Time to clean out the stuff!!


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JessicaB said...

Well if it makes you feel any better I don't have tackle for today but could really care less. Since wednesday of last week I have been cleaning up vomit and stinky yellow baby diarrhea. Now the baby has fever, my stomach hurts, and I had to come to work which I hate right now.

I look forward to your muses but I understand a break. Sounds like you have been pretty busy.