Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday's Muse

Back on track, here we are! Today I was standing in my bathroom looking at my body. I am trying to psych myself intot he whole weight loss thing. You know... admit you have a problem and it is the first step to overcoming that problem? So, I was trying to admit I am overweight. Not just admit it but embrace it. Then begin to overcome it... sounds corny. It might help though! LOL ANyway, as I was standing there I got to looking at the numerous stretch marks that cover my ...... belly, hips, etc... and this is what came to mind...

silvery etchings across my skin
ghostly echoes of growth
a badge of honor and pride
and love
a sign of the stretching of heart

I think that if I am starting to actually think this way again, instead of in grunts and dirty lymricks, then maybe I might be getting back in the groove... we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Oh Tracy, I love your Monday Muse! You keep on writing, you surley do have a gift for it. That is where your daughter got hers afterall. And, you do whatever it takes to get into doing what you have to do. It took being diagnosed as diabetic for me. That plus getting moving. I just hope you can get Jenna motivated as well. Her health is to important to ignore. Tell her I said that. We have to many health risks to ignore it. And, you need to find it in you to quit smoking, for you and your family... Mom

JessicaB said...

I really like the muse. You really do have a knack for poetry. I wish that words could flow so eloquently across my lips or my keyboard.

I have learned that when I am most successful in weight loss my mind has to be in the losing groove.