Friday, January 4, 2008

Bad day... Anger and Pissiness Run Amuck

My stupid el carro is in the shop. It has been in the shop for two weeks. The mechanic... who has been working on this car for a year and a half, has not seen fit to go into the shop and fix my car. Which is broken because he was supposed to fix something on it 2 1/2 months ago. I paid him to fix it. It is still not fixed, and now it is even more broken!!!

I would go get the car and take it somewhere else but it is LOCKED and the fucking key is in the LOCKED shop. And I do not have a spare key. And my family is leaving tommorow morning and I will have no car. No car, a husband to get to work and three kids. hmmmm.... can we say mommy is angry?

This guy has screwed me so hard that I will not walk straight for a year.

I will post more when i am not so pissed off....

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JessicaB said...

I can't imagine the feelings. I took my truck in one day to have it fixed. I felt lost without it and I had my husbands old pickup just in case.

I hope he gets off his butt really soon.

Bitch away sister. This is your blog you can gripe if you want to.