Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let's Get This Potty Started!

So. Potty training. I missed out on going to a potty training seminar tonight. It was about training your child in one weekend. Now, I am assuming this is the basic "go naked" technique. Another mother got me handouts and is making copies of the notes she took so we will see. I am clueless about this whole potty training a boy thing. It has been a long time since I potty trained at all! And that was a girl! I am a little intimidated by the entire prospect, actually. With another little one running around, I wonder if I am going to be able to pay enough attention to do this right. I have read all of the theories and talked to other moms. I just don't know where to start. We have his little potty and he will occasionally go in it if he happens to be sitting on it when he needs to go. I guess I just set specific times to put him on it. With his not speaking it wigs me out. Cause how is he going to tell me he needs to go? He won't sign. I guess it will work out. Any advice is appreciated. I believe I am going to really start working on this next week. I need to. He is ready, I think. And we really would like for him to be trained before he starts head start in August. He will be in a 3 yo program and is supposed to be trained although they are not strict about it. blegh...... I am not looking forward to this. And then I get to do it again in about a year and a half. Ha!

So.... skittles. M&Ms. Fruit Loops in the potty. Any tricks? I would rather not teach him to pee on a tree which was one way my mom got my brother's to go. But, we lived in the country... different times and different places... And my boy? He would probably decide to pee on the fake tree at the Dr's office. Cause he is just like that.

It's all in the attitude.

What? You need me to whack somebody? No prob, dude....


Anonymous said...

I think when dad is at home, every time he goes into the bathroom he should take him with him to "go". That might help. Also, you kind of know when he needs to have a business meeting, he goes off by himself. It would just be a thing where you have to sit him on the pot every time he drifts away by himself. Not easy with another baby to deal with. Good luck! mom

JessicaB said...

I am the last person to ask for potty training advice. Lil' Bum wasn't potty trained until a few months after her 3rd birthday.

I had tried throughout that 3rd year but it was impossible. If I put her in underwear we were having accidents all day. She was stubborn and I gave up easy.

I do think though that there is a time when they are just ready and it is different for every child.

We came home from the store one day and I decided out of the blue that it was time. She only had 1 accident that month. We were both ready and it worked.