Thursday, January 10, 2008

Out of Time

No real time to blog tonight...

Any suggestions on how to get two little boys used to sleeping in the same room together? As soon as I put The Baby in his crib he wakes up and starts to cry which wakes up The Boy. It is making me crazy. I just moved the baby into the crib. He was sleeping in a pack and play until he was sleep trained. But now, he has regressed back to refusing to go to sleep on his own. And I can't put him to bed first and let him cry it out because then the boy will go wake him up when I put him to bed! ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

Running out of patience here. About to put the baby in our room again just so I can get a break. But I really want him sleeping in HIS ROOM. Know what I mean?

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Anonymous said...

it will get better and eventually they will be used to eachother's noises. My boys have shared since Little J was 6 months. even when he woke up crying to nurse J didn't wake up after a few weeks. I did put the baby to sleep first and then we did all of J's routine in the living room and just went in his room to climb in bed and go to sleep. Another life saver was a music box that they both loved, it helped mute some of the going to sleep noise.