Wednesday, December 12, 2007

yeah, yeah, yeah

ok, so no poem this Monday. Cause I discovered that my creative juices? They done dried up. I have to slowly gear up for another attempt at a poem for next Monday. But, thanks to Kara from Grace Under Autism for the new name for our poetry day..... are you ready?

Monday's Muse

I like it. A lot. So there we go.

Akkkkk...... baby crying, toddler laughing. That does not sound good. More later....


JessicaB said...

I love the title.

Normally Lil' Bum is excellent with her brother but occasionally she gets a bit rough. The sad thing is that one day I'm afraid it is going to be the other way because Baby Bum is definitley going to take after his dad in size.

Karameia said...

awwww *blush* I'm glad you liked it. (well now we've inspired eachother all in the same week) I hope you find some juice to squeeze out...I'm looking forward to seeing what you got. Maybe you could start with tweaking an old poem? a revisit/revision to get things flowing again? Or start simple with a Haiku.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, I love the name for Monday as well, can,t wait to see what you have there. You sure used to have it all together with the poems. I remember well. Hope big boy did not hurt little one. Love you and have a good day. Mom