Thursday, December 27, 2007

Call off the dogs!

Call off the dogs, Jessica! I am here and alive and well! This Christmas has been an.... interesting one so far. Very relaxing in some ways as we had no traveling to do and no one came over. It was just me, DH and the 3 kiddos having a quiet day. And lots of good food and yummy cookies. In other ways it was very stressful. My car decided to break down in the midst of last minute Xmas shopping. And there I was with little baby boy and no way home. Long story but eventually the car started and I got it to limp home. My mechanic (who SUPPOSEDLY fixed this same problem on the car months ago) was going to come over for a house call but was unable to make it. So, thanks to some wonderful ladies in my meet and play group, the rest of my shopping was completed without the use of my car. It is still not fixed. It will drive but will not shift out of first gear. So I cannot drive above about 20 mph. Which kinda sucks for going anywhere.

But, Xmas was a success. I took baby boy for his 9 month checkup today and he is doing wonderfully. No problems. It is nice to go to the doctors and not have problems. The Boy ALWAYS has something going on. Not physically but developmentally. So it was nice to have a relaxing office visit with our ped.

My mom and my MIL are on their way here from FL right now. So, Xmas part deaux is about to commence. Can't wait to hug them and have a visit and a chat face to face again. It feels like forever since they were here even though it was just Thanksgiving when they were here!

I will try to post again tonight. More chatting about toys and wrapping paper and cookies.

On another note.... I think I am going to attempt to post every day for 2008. 365 days of blogging. What? Am I crazy? I couldn't even do a month! What am I thinking! Hey, it is worth a shot. And I got a new digital camera for Xmas so I can post PICTURES! Yay! Anyway, I think it will give me a good goal and a good way to take some mental time for myself each day. We will see how it goes!


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JessicaB said...

Don't worry. The dogs are at bay. I just gave them the leftover ham we had from this weekend.

That really sucks that your car has died. Maybe the mechanic will decide to show up and fix it right this time. But on the other hand being the daughter and step-daughter of mechanics we will try and give him the benefit of the doubt.

Happy New Year