Sunday, December 2, 2007

MIA? No, just POC

POC of course meaning Prisoner of Children. Yes, my children have held me prisoner and not allowed me to blog.

Actually, I just suck. Sorry.

My to do list is a mile and a half long. On the good side, I made some xmas money at a yard sale this weekend. And plan on trying to make some more this coming up weekend. And trying to ebay some of my junk as well. If it gets it OUT OF MY HOUSe and makes me some money too then I am ahead of the game. I am tired of having TOO MUCH JUNK.

So, xmas lists are made for the kids. I need to make shopping lists and decide for sure what I am getting for who. I need to finish the xmas letter and get cards ready to go out before this weekend. (I usually try to get them out right after Thanksgiving. I am SLOW this year.) I need to start with the baking and crafting, etc. I love xmas.

The boys have been hilarious over the last week or so. I will post seperately about there funniness when they let me. Right now, eldest boy is trying to eat my soul with his FOURTH shitty diaper of the day. And youngest boy is trying to make me feel like a big meanie mommy for daring to put him down when he really wanted to be held. So.... off to the trenches. Now... where did I put my gas mask???

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Anonymous said...

Oh my poor girl! I wish I lived closer so I could help out some. I remember how all encompassing (sp) motherhood can be at times. Just hang in there, I am only a phone call away. I love you..Hope you get your car back today..Mom