Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday's Muse

I am reading through some older poetry that I wrote. From before the last two children sucked the creativity out of me. I am wondering where exactly these thoughts came from?? I really impress myself sometimes. (hehe) I will rework and post some of the older things in a little bit. For now, here is a new one. I wrote it this morning. I struggled all week to come up with something and then sat down this morning and wrote this in about five minutes. Not great but I like it. It feels good to me.

Foggy days
buried in laundry
crawling through diapers
struggling to run.

Sleepless nights
worrying, wondering
watching their breaths
falling in love.

Breaking through
making cookies
playing with cars
singing Blue's song.

Sunshine mornings
soon to come
growing and grasping
remembering myself.

I think it needs work and some more thought behind it. But the feeling is there and the idea. And that is a first step to remembering what I am, who I am and getting the muse back!


Anonymous said...

You never lost it girl, just misplaced it for a while! Where do you think your girl gets all her "stuff"? The acorn does not fall far from the tree after all. I love you...Mom

JessicaB said...

I think it is awesome. I think that the fact that you feel you have lost your creativity is explained in your poem.....if that makes sense.

Your poem perfectly reflects the life of a mother and many mothers tend to lose themselves in their children. Most of us become so consumed with our children that we sometimes forget who we were before kids, thus being why you feel you feel you have lost your creativity. You haven't lost it you just forgot about it for a while...put it on the back burner.

Saturating our lives with our children is fine. It is what every good mother does, but we all need to remember who we were before kids. Pursue a hobby or love. I think it is healthy for all, moms and kids included.

That probably makes no sense at all but I tried.