Monday, December 3, 2007


So I had a slightly stressful day. And evening. Not as bad as the last few but still... I was trying to not get grumpy. All the kids went to bed and hubby is not home yet. And I was cleaning the livingroom. And I was sitting on the floor and kinda ... humming... under my breath and realized... I was sorting the boys toys into seperate categories and arranging them by size and type.

And I wonder where the boy gets it from?


Anonymous said...

You are such a funny girl! I don't wonder where they get it. You both are a bit weird, thats why you love each other so much! Mom

JessicaB said...

So I have a slight case of OCD. It has to do with a fear of things catching on fire. I have often wished that it dealt more with cleanliness. Then maybe my house wouldn't look like a tornado ran through it.