Monday, October 15, 2007

Swannin' around town


My feet hurt. And I am tie-red! But what a great day we had today! My friend Cindy and I organized this really cool little children's tour of downtown Hattiesburg. It was to view the painted swans that have been placed around town. There is a whole big long story behind these swans that basically boils down to revitalization of the city and bringing more revenue in... blah blah... boring to really chat about. The swans rock tho.

So months of planning and walking routes and figuring things out. Getting together goodie bags for kids and trying to get families to participate later.... we had a swan tour! About 12 families showed up and the kids ranged in age from my 6 month old up to my 13 yr old who got to skip school to volunteer as a kid wrangler. Mostly toddlers around 2 or 3 years old. We got to see 12 swans and meet artists. We discussed why swans were painted in certain ways. We played musical instruments while we marched from one swan to the next. We ate ice cream. We ran through sprinklers. We saw a fire truck! The firemen let the kids climb all over, around and in the truck and then gave them plastic fire helmets. And we talked and had fun. So, over all, I feel it was a success.

Oh. And Cindy-Bee tricked me into getting an award from the mayor. She told him I (ME) (I) was the spear head for the tour when really it was her. I just helped out and planned the route. But it was nice to meet the mayor and I have a pretty certificate now. Awww.....

Long day. All three of my little hellions behaved. J was a big help to some of the other moms and really enjoyed volunteering her time. Sometimes I think my kids really aren't as bad as they seem...... must be one of those pod-child days!

So, now, I am going to go and put my feet up. I actually have all 3 kids in bed and hubby is on the couch napping. I plan to eat chocolate and then do dishes. It is therapy day tomorrow. Must have clean house. I would hate to have the teacher see the way my house looks the rest of the week!!!!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you my dear girl! You are so smart and never cease to amaze me! Wish I could have made the walk with you. Have a wonderful day. Mom