Saturday, October 13, 2007

Leftovers, Laundry and Lunacy

Ack..... it's time to try to eat up some of those leftovers languishing in the fridge. There's leftover chicken parmigiana, leftover linguine, leftover mashed sweet potatoes, leftover potatoes Au gratin, one leftover cube steak and I don't know what else. I was planning to cook beef stew for dinner until I looked in the refrigerator and realized there was so much food just sitting in there! So..... hmmmm..... I guess I will make some nice fresh honey glazed smoked pork chops and we can eat up the leftover sides with them. And make some veggies. There, that's dinner solved.

Now for the laundry sitch.... my dryer is not working. And so I have laundry built up. I hate to go to the laundromat just to dry clothes and have to drag the kids in and it is SUCH A HASSLE. So, I bought a new line to put up out back and have been hanging out clothes to dry. It works great. I might actually not bother to get the dryer fixed right away. I bet our electric bill will be lower this month. It just takes longer to dry so I need to make sure I do laundry every day.

And lunacy..... that's a given at my house! The baby has decided that he doesn't want to sleep in his bed. Every time I put him in there he wakes up and cries heart brokenly. So, I have not gotten much sleep over the past few nights. Even when I bring him in bed with us, I still can't sleep good. So, I am sleep deprived once more. Hence the boring and mundane post of the day. J is trying to clean her room. And the boy refused a nap today and just played in his bed for two hours. At which point you kinda have to just let them get up. So, I guess he gets to go to bed early tonight! I am also in the midst of trying to sort through baby clothes, put away boxes of clothes in my room, unpack some junk boxes and straighten out the boys' room. I guess I should probably get back to work and see if I can actually get anything done.....

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Anonymous said...

I love your comments and the heading for it. I tried to leave a coment on J's blog and it does NOT go the the "leave your comment" page like yours! This is crazy, I guess I need a blog of my own! Please tell her for me I love reading it and wish I could comment!