Monday, October 8, 2007

Life of a momster part two

Now... where was I? Oh! Last year my hubby and I got married on Halloween in FL at my mother's home. The wedding was one great big costume party blow out. It was awesome. Then we got to come back to MS and try to move all of our stuff to this little house we found. It was way out in the boonies and was a 100 year old farm house. So, you can read that to mean: no insulation, no heat or A/C and no pest control. It was... interesting. We spent the next 9 months in this house. The winter was bad but we had electric heaters and blankets. The stove/ oven did not work as the gas lines were so old that the gas company would not hook up a tank. We used an electric skillet, burners and a microwave to cook with. And a toaster oven, crock pot and gas grill (outside). It made for challenging dinner preparations.

When things started to warm up we discovered another interesting quirk to the house from hell. Mice. And no AC in a house with no insulation. It was horrible. So, we started trying to find something that would work better for us.

Eventually, DH got a raise and we found a place that would work out financially for us. We now live in a brick house with heat and AC, a fireplace and enough room for all of the kids and all of our numerous boxes of STUFF. DH and the daughter are pack rats. It is something to behold. We moved in to the new place in early August and I am starting to get a handle on the unpacking finally. I think. Maybe.

I haven't yet touched on the trials and tribulations of birthing a new baby with a 19 month old running around, the boy ending up in the ER and then having dental surgery, the sleep deprivation, the struggles to find a schedule or the speech therapy/ behavior therapy for boy #1.

Much meat for the postings to come.

Right now I am trying to get my 6 month old to sleep. We are working on getting him to go to sleep on his own without rocking or nursing. It is tearing my heart out to hear him crying. Not sure if I am up to this one. The 2 year old is asleep and the teen is in her room supposedly getting ready to go to bed. DH is at work for another half hour. NOW I might have time to do some dishes. Or clean the living room. Or fold clothes. Or maybe even unpack a box of STUFF. Nah. There goes the littlest one again. I will probably end up going and getting him out of bed. Bad mommy.

More at a later date.....


Anonymous said...

I just found time to read your blog. I love it, you need to send in a story length version to Readers Digest! No kidding. You always loved writing so do something about it

Jessica said...

I didn't realize you guys had moved so recently.