Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Feelin' kinda cruddy

So, I have had this incredibly low key day today. And now I feel cruddy. So I will sit here and write about feeling cruddy. You might not want to read it. It will probably make you feel cruddy too. And then we will be cruddy together. Yes. Crugetherness.

I digress.

Basically, it is pouring buckets here and my body is feeling it. My joints are screaming at me. And the "I am a fat slob" depression has kicked in once again. Along with the "why can't I man up and quit smoking?" ass kicking. And the "God, my house is a fucking mess, why doesn't my hubby just divorce me already?" mantra. And then of course there is the ever popular "My child is lazy/ delayed/ insert problem here and I am a horrible mother." wail that is ever present.

But I did make red beans and rice for dinner. So all is not lost.


I guess I just need to take a bath and get some sleep. Hey, I think there is some vodka in the freezer! woot woot!

Anyway, tomorrow I will post some of my wonderful plans for straightening out my problems. I make great plans. Carrying them out is where the issue lies. Mom if you are reading this don't worry, I am fine! I am just feeling sorry for meself..... arghhh... (that was pirate talk)

On a bright note, my littlest one is pulling up to stand now. At 6 1/2 months. Wait.... is that a bright note or the signal to wail and hide my eyes in terror of two toddlers at once????? LOL. Seriously, he is soooooo cute. And the boy is doing much better with his speech and behavior issues. So it is all good. We had a nice day of playing with daddy today and tomorrow is a clean the house and chase each other day. No appointments that NEED to be kept. Hubby is working a double so I will have plenty of time to actually try to get the house clean before he sees it again. Ackkk.... also before the sleep over on Friday night. My daughter is having a friend over. Can't have her mom seeing the way I keep house. She might decide her daughter shouldn't stay over!!! LOL.

More tomorrow... I feel like Scarlet.... "For tomorrah is anothah day.."

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