Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Child Development Nightmare

My husband and I took our 2 year old to the doctor for a checkup today. At his 2 year apt. he was referred to Early Intervention for a speech delay and some behavior issues. We set up appointments and he was evaluated and a teacher/ therapist has been coming to work with him once a week. We see some progress.

Then I got a letter from the University of Mississippi Child Development Center in Jackson saying that we have an appointment to have the boy evaluated by a pediatric development specialist and a behavioral specialist person (can't remember the exact titles). So, I asked the doctor today if this is something we need to do since he is already being seen through early intervention. He says yes. That he really would rather that he have the more in depth evaluation. To rule out any developmental causes for his speech delay and behavior probs.

So now I am trying not to panic.

I had just gotten myself calmed down when EI told us they saw no signs of Autism or other major problems and no physical reasons for the speech delay. BUT.... this is a really big deal appointment. It usually takes months and months to get an appointment here. And they fit us in within two months of the referral. WTF? what is this supposed to say to me? IS there something the Dr sees that I don't? Or is this just his way of making some extra bucks off of MS Medicaid? No idea..... trying to just be calm.

The appointment is coming up in 2 weeks. It is a 2 hour drive to Jackson. We have to be there at 830 am. The evaluation will take 4 HOURS!!!!!!!! And then the drive home. So, we get to drag a 2 year old and a six month old out of the house for an 8 - 9 hour day. Blaagggghhhhh.....

On a lighter note, the boy participated in a nice little play date at the park today. The kids blew bubbles and played with balloons. Two of his favorite things to do. Major coolness factor for him. Littlest boy was pretty thrilled with the bubbles as well.

I guess I should give fake, cyber safe names to the little kiddos...... so, middlest child shall be Buddy or the boy. Littlest is the baby or well..... the baby for now. Biggest one is J. And DH is DH. And me? I am SUPER MOM!!!!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-hah..... I wish......

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I tried the other Blog and still cannot leave a message, you better help her get it right! I would love to leave her a message. Talk later, love you much. Mom to Mom