Thursday, October 25, 2007

Official Techno-babble Post

Yesterdays visit to the Child Development Clinic in Jackson resulted in the following diagnosis for the boy:

1. Borderline Microcephaly
2. Expressive Speech Disorder
3. Rule out hearing loss
4. Night Terrors
5. Temper Tantrums

(word for word from the official report)

The following plan was given to us:

1. Return to CDC for Psychological testing at age 3 yrs. Also to monitor cranium growth.
2. We will contact First Steps and ask them to enroll him in individual speech therapy.
3. Consider use of simultaneous sign language to stimulate speech and provide him a way to communicate. Begin with food signs, more and car.
4. Planned ignoring of tantrums
5. There's nothing that can be done about night terrors right now.
6. Obtain hearing evaluation.

Notice that there is no mention of AUTISM or ASD. The head of the department was part of his evaluation and assured me that there he does not have any form of ASD. We are VERY happy to hear this. Not that autism is as bad as some things. But I always doubt my ability to handle these types of problems.

With the diagnosis that he does have, we are hoping just 6 months with a speech therapist will get him back on track. As for the microcephaly (that means little head) they feel that it is not really a concern as his head has been growing at the same rate as his body. It hasn't STOPPED growing, he just has a smaller head than most kids his age. I always have called him a pinhead. No news to us. We get to start working with signs and also I have to redouble my efforts to label EVERYTHING. And talk to him constantly about whatever we see or do. To make sure that he is getting enough verbal stimulation or something like that.

So. I am happy with the way that the evaluation was handled. I am happy with the way the boy cooperated. I am happy with the diagnosis in that it has confirmed what I felt was the issue and denied what I feared was the issue. (??? You know what I mean!) All is good. I will go by First Steps today and give them a copy of this. Maybe we can get speech therapy started next week. That would so rock.

Today is the day my oldest gets her very first High School report card. And there are teacher conferences. So.... overall it should be an interesting day!

More at a later time....

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Anonymous said...

I was ready to pack a bag and head for Mississippi if the news had been different for moral support for you my dear girl. I would have loved to see you all but am glad to say I don't have to go at the present time! Hope you have a very good day and I will talk to you soon. Love and kisses from Florida.

PS his father is a pin head as well! And he turned out ok. Well, hummm let me see about that one?