Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pictures of the Fambly

One of my friends said, "Girl, why don't you have any pictures on your blog?" So these are for her.....

This one is last Halloween at our wedding.... you can see the littlest if you squint. (He is in my belly)(get in my belly...)

This one is the middlest child. In August, right before his 2nd bday. Don't you just luuurrrrvvvvv that attitude?

This is the littlest. He was about 4 months old here.

This one is me with all three of my kiddos. Again, early August as I haven't gotten any recent pics onto the computer. Cause I just suck.

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, I guess all the video you have on the blog is blocked. I can't access any of it on yours or J's. You can show me when I come to visit. Also give me some guidance on how to get around in a blog! Thanks for letting me know you are alright. We all have bouts of self loathing. Just look at the pictures you sent out when that happens, real life can be wonderful. Love and kisses. Mom