Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The boys behavioral teacher was here today. He does so well with her. She is always amazed at how compliant he is and well behaved. I just laugh. It is like a pod child. He is SO GOOD for her and SO BAD for me. Temper tantrums, constant no, refusal to participate in whatever I want him to do. Stubborn is what he is. That is probably all that is wrong with him! And his speech of course. But he did say "grapes" today without prompting. That was really cool. Of course, he came outside and I told him it was cold and he needed to go inside and he said "no I don't". LOL. I guess he can talk when he really wants to! Overall I am very happy with his progress so far. Just concerned that there might be more that I should be doing or more that I am not noticing that he has problems with. If that makes any sense.

I was reading another mom's blog last night. And one of the comments really hit home with me. One lady told this mom that "having atypical behaviors does not make your son any less extraordinary or fabulous". Wow. Atypical Behaviors. That's my boy! I like the way that is phrased. And it is true. He might be "atypical" in some ways but he is still the brightest and sweetest boy in the universe.

Another comment that got to me was that "just because your son has issues does not mean that you are a bad mom. You are the best mommy there is because you are getting your baby the help he needs." And that made me cry. I think that that is how I feel. Like I must have done something wrong. Or not done something. And it doesn't really matter how many times my mom or MIL or DH tell me I am a good mom, I still worry and stress out. There are so many ways to screw up your kids. And then when something IS "atypical" with your child, surely it must be your fault! I know, I know.... it's not. But.....

So, I hope that this evaluation goes well tomorrow. I am not hoping that nothing is wrong with him. What is, is. If nothing is wrong that that is just the icing on my cake. What I am hoping is that they are able to do a good, thorough evaluation so that if there IS something wrong, we can get him the help he needs. I think that that is a good thing to hope.

Meanwhile, the baby is trying to run away. He is now standing while holding on to things, crawling faster than the speed of mommy, and chewing on anything that gets in his way. He has the most gorgeous smile. It makes my whole day brighter when he grins at me. The sleep training is.... going. I won't say it is going well. But we are trying.

So, our days are filled with babble and balls and bubbles and boys galore. The girl is 13. Nuff said. Hahahahaha. I am sure I will hear about that one when she reads this post! Now I must go wash dishes. They don't wash themselves unfortunately.



Anonymous said...

Great message there kid, I love you. You hang in there. I hope things go well for you today. That kind of day with two little ones and a husband and the drive! Wish I could be there to watch the little one for you. Can't wait to talk to you tonight. Have a safe trip. Mom

Jen said...

Darn right your're gonna get an earful, Mama! I'm not THAT bad, you know! *sigh* Whatever.