Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something To Blog About....

Yeah. I got nothing.

Wait, not true.

I have a 2 yo you loves to take the poop out of his diaper and bring it to me.

I have a 4 yo who is doing great in school scholastically but is unable to settle down and behave.

I have a 15 yo who just took the PSAT test today.... and makes me feel old.

I have a husband who is pretty fab but NOT HERE. These 12 - 14 hour days are killing me.... and him!

I have a broken AC unit in my living room, a toilet that has been running for 4 days and a living room overhead light that decided it was on strike this morning.

I have dirty laundry, clean laundry and wrinkled laundry awaiting my attention.

I have to do lists and menu plans and coupon clipping and ten million other house wifely things to take care of.

I have a NEED.... desperate and unattainable.... for a stiff drink....

It's been one of those days, folks. Time to go play in the rain, eat ice cream and jump on the bed. I think I am tired of being an adult today!!!!!


Mary said...

Thanks so much for passing on that chicken recipe via Twitter - it's in the oven and I know it'll be good!

TentCamper said... I feel your pain...and I am not a mom. But I guess dads can feel that way too (except the part about having a hubby).

Love your blog!!! you should check out all dads...but we are cool

Nana The Nana said...

Funny blog today girl. I remember those days. In a few year you will look back on all of this and smile. So, start practicing and SMILE.

Bina said...

I'm tired of being an adult almost every day. Or should I say, an adult with so many responsibilities. Adults should have time off from work and home just like kids do, ya know?