Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Balls Have Sharp Edges

Juggling can be dangerous.

I may not be juggling knives but I am feeling pretty "on edge" right now as I juggle our finances. *groan* (I know. Very punny, right?) Seriously though, I feel like if one more financial ball gets thrown into the mix, all of my balls will come crashing down around my head. And my balls have sharp edges. (hehehe) It's been a rough time here at the castle lately. And I see no end in sight. So, while I would love to be able to post amusing and enlightening posts for the entertainment of my teeming masses of readers, I will probably be stuck in the same rut I have been lately. Bear with me. I am sure I will get my funny back one day. While we wait, maybe I can at least be punny. LOL

I am also struggling with more issues surrounding the middlest child and his behavior problems. I will, maybe, address that in a future post. Right now, the feelings are a little too close to the surface. My emotions are tender and in need of cushioning.... so I will keep them to myself for a bit longer.

I will be planning my menu for the week soon. We are eating out of the pantry again for another week due to, once again, financial issues. I have plenty of food available, I just have to figure out ways to combine what I have to make it pleasing and interesting. Any budget friendly meals based around rice would be appreciated!

I am also in search of a "Steve" costume for my 4 yo. You know, Steve? From Blue's Clues? Yep. That is what he wants to be. The Steve shirts I have seen on ebay are going for about $35 each. Way too much in my opinion.... so, if you have a spare size 4T Steve shirt hanging around.... feel free to send it my way! LOL

The 2 yo will be, hopefully, William Wallace from Braveheart. We have the kilt and costume, we can paint his face blue and he loves to scream and holler. Perfect. LMAO Jenna is planning to be a shifter in mid change from the show Supernatural. Steven is going to be a clone. (He will look just like himself. Get it?) And I still need to figure out my costume. I could be lil' Bo Peep again. Or a sexy witch. Or lil' Red Riding Hood after being ravaged by the wolf. Or a bad Faerie. Or Super Mom. Or..... no idea. I am open to suggestions!

All three of the kids are playing with their guitars right now. Steven really needs to start giving lessons. These noises may drive me to drink. More. he.

Catch ya on the flip side.....


Penelope Paige said...

:] Hi Mrs. Mom. My family is kind of in a financial low right now, too. But one meal that my mom likes to make is she bases it around Stove Top (you know, that stuffing-in-a-box?). It's basically just chicken, stuffing, and frozen peas and carrots. It's really good, and you can make a whole bunch of it and put leftovers in the fridge, and then when you warm it up it tastes just as good. I hope that helps you! Hopefully you and my mother will get out of this mess.

P.S. If you don't remember me, I go on the forum that your daughter, Jenna, goes on. :) Hi.

Natalie Murphy said...

I'm sorry money is tight right now. My parents are going through the same thing. University is expensive and this being my 3rd year my parents are feeling the pinch, even with all my scholarships.

For food, my parents make different types of stir fry all the time. Idk how much shrimp costs there, but you could add garlic to shrimp and make a rice/shrimp mix. It's very filling and yummy.

I hope everything works out in the end!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

knives are flying around here too...

Bina said...

I'm sorry. I wish I had a shirt cause I would surely send it to you!

My very close friend is having a hard right now, too. Single two kids, braces, etc. All the norm but she gets no child support either. I wish I were rich so I could give money away.

Velody said...

Hi, new to your blog but we've been doing a lot of living out of the pantry ourselves because of things being tight. Unfortunately now even that's getting a bit low. Our easy standby with rice is just to make yellow rice with beans, classic and cheap. I've also many times mixed rice with some cream of soup, a meat and a vegetable to make an assortment of casseroles.

Hope things turn around soon for all of us.