Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Memories Of Peace and Love

Thanks for the comments guys!

TentCamper asks: I'd like to hear about the place from your past/a time when you were at complete peace and the happiest that you can remember...we all have that one memory...what is yours?

Oh, wow. OK. See, I have had many times in my life when I have been completely content and happy and at peace. The times when this happens for me are when I am able to just live in the present. No worries about tomorrow. No concerns about what I might or might not have done wrong in the past. No thoughts about anything but that particular moment. That one spot in time when everything aligns just right to make happiness inevitable. It's all about the "now" of thought. Many of those times have been when I was nursing a child. Or cuddling in the middle of the night with one or more children. Or spending time with my husband. Or having really incredible sex. Or even just playing Monopoly with DH and the Girl... on a night when we had no TV and we all just laughed and had a great time.

Some time ago, I did a question session. And one of the questions was to describe my most sensual experience in less than 50 words. The result was the following poem that is about sensual experiences that, coincidentally, are also some of the most peaceful and happy moments of my life. (Yes, it is more than 50 words! LOL)

Sensual Snapshots Of Love

Soft flesh meeting softer
a kiss that consumes and devours
never the same after


Heat beating down
warm, coconut-scented
oil-slicked skin
against soft grass
Muscles stretching and relaxing
to the rhythm of a Summer day


Crisp Autumn air
wafting wood smoke in the wind
a roaring fire warming bodies
on frost-bitten ground


Three in the morning
hot muggy air full of silence
rocking on the front porch
baby at my breast
a breeze drifts by
to dry the sweat
a kiss lands gently
to fill the heart


Porcelain cauldron of bubbles
sweetly scented air
wavering light envelopes the night
as the candles surround us
music enchants us
love enraptures us


Surrounded by strength
Captured by moonlight
Salty breezes ruffle
the scent that surrounds us
Shifting sands underfoot
Water rocking
Arms supporting.
Midnight at the beach


Booming thunder
Roaring winds
Day bright lightning illuminating
icy rain on wet skin


Ang said...

I can't wait to have one of "those" moments again, it has been a long while.

The poem was beautiful.

Thank You for giving my giveaways some love, I appreciate it.

Nana The Nana said...

Love the poem girl, you really should try to get some of them published! Thanks for sending it to me.